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    A few months ago I have read on a post that AnyDVD is now totally compatible with DVD Shrink (there's no need to use AnyDVD ripper to copy the movie to HD first), but yesterday I found out that's not true. I have DAVINCI CODE movie (extended version), and I decided to test it with DVD Shrink and AnyDVD running in the background, and the result was this: DVD Shrink can't compress that disc, even if I use the re-author button. It shows 7,299 Mb. The compression settings shows 99,2% (automatic). I have CloneDVD and I know that I can use it to make a copy of it with no problem, but I wanted to test DVD Shrink with that movie to make sure there was no problems.
    Conclusion: DVD Shrink can compress the movie but ONLY if I use the AnyDVD ripper to copy the movie first to hardisk. Just to let you all know...

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    Whoever wrote that was completely wrong.

    There's a reason this sticky exists in the Anydvd forum:

    People would be wise to read all the stickies in all the forums.