DVD Shrink 2007 is a scam!

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by jaymc, Jan 28, 2007.

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    People do try !!! :doh:

    Thanks for the warning. :policeman:
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    Looks like they are not charging for DVD Shrink itself but charging (a small fee, heh heh) for using their download service. It's like, "we'll give it to you for free but will charge you for us to send it to you". Nice touch and will probably get a few dupes that will do it. Wonder how much the 'small fee' is? We'll wait for some sucker, I mean dude, to come in and tell us after he does it (and then goes, "doh").
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    You will never have to pay for the real original DVD Shrink and there will never be an update or upgrade...if you are ever asked to pay money, turn around and run....fast.
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    Another good source for Shrink w/ a turorial
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    How can one contact the dvdshrink.org page webmasters directly to inform them that the "ads by google" on that page are directly perptuating the scam? That's at least 1/2 the real problem.

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    DVD Shrink sux ne ways
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    Well, someone is getting paid for the "Ads by Google" hits. That's the whole point of allowing ads. Time to "follow the money". Whomever it is, outta stop the very ads that cause the scam problem from appearing on that page of all pages. Heh.

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    I saw no ads on the main page when I looked at it as I was curious to see what you were talking about. Could you provide a link to what you are talking about?

    This is what I see...

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    OK.. I just went to:


    The "ads by google" were in a banner at the top of the page. If you don't see them you must be running a good ad or popup killer.

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    No, it still works.
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    I believe you and all I'm using is Firefox...it has a built in pop-up blocker. Could be that you have a google toolbar or something installed that is giving you the extra ads?
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    DVD Shrink Download is a FAKE/SCAM

    This link has a great turoial for DVD Shrink if you can't figure it out, but the links to get Shrink are nothing but a SCAM, they want your email, then set up a payment method, ect,,,,,BEWARE, DVD SHRINK is FREE, don't even pay for a download for a FREE program! I'm sure this wasn't intentional by you oldjoe, I've read your other posts and you seem to be a straight up guy!
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    Definately not.... I allow almost no extra software to run on my machine(s).

    At boot up I'm between 17 and 21 processes running depending on the machine, and I know what they all are. :)

    -W (the very carefull)
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    buy shrink

    did'nt see them either. but i feel your pain.
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    buy shrink

    look...buy any-dvd and clone, and don't worry about that drama. it's that simple. these mods are burning the midnight oil to try and answer questions about SHRINK and NERO and DECRYPTER. thats bull !.keep it relevent to their products, (or you can post it on afterdawn), don't waste their time.
    no disrespect intended, only a plea for a little courtesy. the intent of this forum is to help the owners of their products.:mad:
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    Dood. This is the THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE forum. The mods put it here. We're discussing a SCAM WARNING.
    Past that, It's not the CloneDVD forum. AnyDVD (by itself) is supposed to work with all those third party rippers - so yes questions are inevitable.

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    I've just visited the DVD Shrink page using my laptop and the google ads are there...so it's just something that I've got installed on my desktop that kills the ads, don't know what it is. Anyway, the ads are generated by google adsense and must be installed in the site software to generate the ads...this is a form of revenue for the site.