DVD Resolution Detection 352x288

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    I own Clone DVD and I'm currently evaluating clone dvd mobile

    I first ripped a DVD using VOB Passthrough to my HDD. This detected the DVD as Resolution 720x576 and ripped it to the HDD as resolution 720x576.

    However the next time I tried to rip a similar DVD clonedvd mobile will only detect the DVD as 352x288. I tried again with the first disc and now all it will recognise is resolution 352x288!!!

    This occurs regardless of whether I select VOB passthrough or any other option. I notice that VOB passthrough does not have the option to select what resolution to save as, is this important?

    I've uninstalled/reinstalled several times and still the same. I thought that it might be a Codec issue and uninstalled some recent codecs but still the same.

    I can't see how to change this, is there a way?? How can I get CloneDVD Mobile to recognise a PAL DVD as 720x576??

    Please help!!
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    Hi, I'm having the same problem addressed in the post a year ago. Has anyone gained any insight into this issue?