DVD Recommendation Confusion

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  1. tmhai

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    Is there a be all, end all list of the most recommended and high quality DVD recordable disks?

    I have searched, but I get hundreds upon thousands of different recommendations and they're all opinion based... I want some cold hard science or test data to back up these options.

    I, for one, now know that Princo is not the way to go... I burnt Transformers and mid-way through the credits, it becomes unplayable. I learnt that the hard way. If I had known better, I would have registered here earlier.
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  3. tmhai

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    I have, including the links that FAQ provides, but its exactly what I've been talking about... just more opinions. I don't see any proof. And the three articles also mention different recommendations... its all confusing.
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    Well, then suit yourself. I have better things to do than convince people. Use junk? Then expect problems . . .
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    I didnt mean it like that. I want to know why you have your specific opinions on those particular brands, thats all... saying verbatim is good sounds like your working for them :)

    Also, I purchased some Sony (SONY16D1) DVDs to try out, and you dont mention them being good nor bad... could I have someones second opinion in their experience with this media.

    Also, when you mention Verbatim, does any Verbatim branded disk work well?... they are quite expensive in Australia.

    I want specifics, not ranges. Options just confuse me. If you told me x burner is the BEST burner and y DVD brand/product is the BEST... well, i would prefer that.
  6. zebadee

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    Hi :)
    Welcome onboard tmhai. :agree::clap:
    If only it were that simple.
    Most folk are looking for something different. i.e. Speed, Quality or both.
    Depending on the writer, the firmware & last but not least the user’s PC.
    The results with media can be wide ranging.
    Also how do you prove something in terms of media?
    Scanning on domestic drives is at best only a rough guide.
    How do you tell if one media is more stable (so the quality of the burn lasts longer)?
    There is endless speculation regarding this.
    Scientifically very little has been proven in my eyes.
    So I go by personal experience. Plus that of others.
    By this I mean at which media appears to give the least problems.
    Doing this will lead you to either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.
    It is one of feeling rather than fact that the differences between the two are that:-
    Verbatim has a coating which is longer lasting.
    Taiyo Yuden gives the better quality.
    How true this is? Is unknown to me.
    I only know that either of these gives me consistent quality burns.
    Even @ high burn rates.16x +.
    Although any reference burns are done @ 12x > 16x (16x rated media).
  7. tmhai

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    Thanks for that zebadee. I don't know how much quality Ill be loosing for going for a longer lasting DVD... but would the quality difference be really noticable?

    As for longer lasting DVD mediums... its any Verbatim DVD disk?

  8. zebadee

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    Hi :)
    The differences (if any) are very small.
    Some Verbatim (made in Japan) are actually TY media with the Verbatim branding.
    Most Verbatim are MCC.
    Some Verbatim have life time protection or other such statements on the packaging.
    Often this only seems to serve as a way of price hiking.
    I suggest you decide on a writer (if you haven't already).
    Then check out whether this drive has a preference for + or - media.
    Then try which ever media is available/is best priced of the two.
    See how that works for you.
  9. Webslinger

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    Probably because I've been burning blank media for well over a decade, read people who test blank media using equipment most people don't have access to (and was also allowed to test on them), and have also read far more offline and online on the subject than most (including keeping up on C'T news over at cdrlabs.com).

    Sony tends to be fairly average, but is not on the same level as TY nor Verbatim (unless the Sonys happen to be made by TY, which is fairly rare now).

    Most do, provided your burner's firmware supports them.

    My order of preference is

    Verbatim made in Singapore (pretty rare now, especially for single layer discs)
    Verbatim made in Japan (these are made by Taiyo Yuden)
    Verbatim made in Taiwan by CMC
    Verbatim made in India by Moser Baer
    Verbatim made in Taiwan by Prodisc
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  10. jvc

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    Ever heard "one man's trash, is another man's treasure"?
    Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim discs, are top of the line media, that work very well for most people. It all boils down to your burner's firmware, actually. Most burner's firmware is engineered to work well with TYs and Verbs. There are some that have problems with these brands too. I hate, and do not recommend Memorex media to anyone, but there are some people that use it without problems.

    So, there is no one or two brands that work well for everyone. Another old saying .......... "there are always exceptions to the rule".

    That being said.........most of the time, most people can't go wrong using TYs or Verbs.
    Good luck!
  11. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Verbatim or Ty.
    The best "proof", that I am aware of, is that knowledgeable persons have used them with great success for many years.
  12. Clams

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    From all I've read (here and elsewhere), and personally tried, I've seen TY and then Verbatim as the 2 leaders. Sony is a "tier 2" disk... not the best but "usually" OK. Fuji (non TY) was about the same as Sony, but took a quality nose-dive. So my choices are - in order:
    1. TY Premium
    2. Verbatim
    3. Sony (on sale at Best Buy this week for $23 for 100 pack)
    4. Fuji (now a more distant 4 than it was)

    One good use for the really el-cheapo media is to make a backup for little kids to use and inevitably destroy or a movie only copy for a (menu challenged) elderly parent to use once and discard.
    In those 2 special cases as long as it burns without errors, it's prolly gonna last long enough to fullfill its lifes work.
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  13. mmdavis

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    There is another good use for "El Cheapo" media. If you are having to make large quantities of copies of a demo DVD that only has 10-15 minutes worth of video on it and doesn't need a long shelf life.