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    I've been told that verbatim is probably my best bet for dvd blanks to copy movies. What do you guys recommend dvd+r or dvd-r. And why? Or does it even make differance. And finally 16X or 8X, which one?
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    Because the booktype can be changed to "dvd-rom"

    Consequently, programs have a more difficult time telling that you're using blank media if they check.

    If you only have an 8x burner, there's no point buying 16x rated media.
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    I agree with Webslinger for the most part. I see no problem in using 16X media in an 8X DVDRW. ;)
    I use 16X in an old Lite-On 4X DVDRW and have yet to have any problems.
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    Typically there isn't in that situation. However, and the reason I raised this point, is that I tend to find 16x rated Taiyo Yuden blank media is more expensive than 8x rated Taiyo Yuden blank media. Consequently, I see no point in buying 16x rated blank media if you have a burner that can't write that fast.

    Actually that can be a serious problem depending on the drive (and I've troubleshot a number of problems relating to using 16x rated media on burners that are that old in these forums. The problem went away when switching to 8x rated blank media). If you have a 4x burner, you should avoid 16x rated media, mostly because a lot of firmwares for those older burners do not support 16x rated media (the firmware development for those older burners stopped before 16x rated media were developed, for example; so some really old burners simply can't support 16x rated blank media due to firmware limitations not implementing better write strategies for newer blank media). If using 16x rated media works for you with a specific 4x burner, that's great, but using 16x rated media doesn't work for all 4x burners.
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    I use 16X verbatim so that is not an issue for me but I see your point in that respect.

    I also understand about older writers not supporting 16X but I have yet to run into any issues using 16X with any of my older 8X DVDRW units.
    Apparently my older 8X Lite-Ons and Plextors didn't suffer that shortcoming?
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    I don't think 8x burners are going to have that problem so much as 4x burners will (and not all will, but many 4x burners may).
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    I was using DVD+R 8X Taiyo Yuden (TG000041) the top of the disc was a shiny top and I was burning at 8x speed but on some dvd players the movies would not work but on others it would.Now I switched to Taiyo Yuden DVD-R16X made in Japan with the white printable top.The people at the media store told me -R works in more DVDplayers than +r.Is this true or is they just trying to sell me these .36 cents a piece blank DVD's???????
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    +R media (booktyped to DVD-ROM) is the most compatible format.
    Burning at 8X should not have been an issue but you might try burning slower. Rule of thumb has always been to burn at 1/2 the rated speed of the media. With the technology of the newer DVDRW's & PC's that shouldn't be necessary but it can't hurt to try. You will notice very little increase in your burning times while burning at a slower rate.
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    I've burned those at 12x without issue, but it really depends on the burner.

    No. The problem most likely is that you haven't changed the booktype to "dvd-rom" before burning. And as oldjoe mentioned, you might want to try lowering your burn speed.
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    How do you change the booktype? Also those disc had 8x on them.If I buy some more of those I will slow the speed to 4x.
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    DVD book type change, how too? Didn't see reply and blank media brands

    I used verbatim dvd-r' for several years, nearly all from Sam's club and have no problem - been through nearly 1000 verbatim dvd-r discs from Sam's Club and have had no issue that wasn't explained by another problem.

    Clarification needed on two things - you didn't mention;

    Sony dvd-r and dvd+r (several packs of each from Radio Shack bought on the super cheap because the were discontinuing the brand in Radio Shack stores). I have used the dvd-r's and have not caught on to issue on the few that I have been able to watch to date - and have burned on about 20 of them but don't recall watching more than a couple to date - but the few that I have watched played back fine. All Sony brand dvd's seemed to have burned ok - no problems with burning - just not positive about the consistent quality during playback yet - only time will tell (or maybe people in the forum will give me a "heads up", too, before I get around to watching them.) Both 16x


    Philips dvd-r blanks bought from Micro Center computer store(chain in Washington DC/Alexandria VA area - might be national chain, too - but not sure - big online sales, though). Not burned on them or, obviously played back any, either) - 16x

    What is the opinion on these 2 brands - Philips and Sony?

    Also - what is the difference in burning on dvd+r versus dvd-r. I thought that I was supposed to "change the book type" to dvd-rom for recording on dvd+r blank media, tried to find this on Clone so that I could change the option, couldn't find where I could change the "book type" in both Clone and Any DVD - then eventually and found that the book type was already set to dvd-rom on AnyDVD. I have never changed the book type - have always used the default settings upon install and update for all of my Slysoft products - but, what does this mean --> book type? I did burn one backup copy of a movie this afternoon using the Sony dvd+r - skimmed through the first 10 minutes of the 1 1/5 hour long film - and it appeared to be playing back w/o a problem - do I need to do anything to ensure that I get consistently good results with dvd+r media? Do I need to make any changes to the settings? Or, can I figure that if I am successfully recording and they seem to be successfully playing back on the few that I have watched completely through and the couple that I have spot checked (yet not have fully watched through) - can I figure or assume that my settings are ok for dvd+r recording - which are also the same that I use for dvd-r backup of movie copies that I make - what do you, the forum experts say about this?

    Thank you for your input and guidance on this - lmc

    ps - please be patient with me on posting things - don't fully understand how to post on sites - don't know how to do it correctly yet, trying to follow protocol, but I do flub up quite a bit still! :doh:
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    Verbatim is good quality blank media. However, programs that do check booktype can tell that you're not using an original disc.

    Merely saying "Sony" is fairly meaningless. Sony's Japanese media was sometimes not as good the Sony media made by Daxon (which is saying something, because I'm not impressed by Daxon). And some Sony blank media was made by Taiyo Yuden. In general, Sony blank media is mediocre. Sony isn't pure junk, but it's not as reliable as Taiyo Yuden nor Verbatim either.

    That's not to say that saying "Verbatim" isn't meaningless either, but Verbatim blank media is less variable in quality.

    Verbatim made in Taiwan is made by CMC or Prodisc.
    Verbatim made in India is made by Moser Baer (and I am not keen on any Verbatim made in India).
    Verbatim made in Singapore is made by their own plant (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation . . . Verbatims is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.)
    Verbatim made in Japan is made by Taiyo Yuden

    All are supposed to be manufactured to Verbatim's high standards.

    Philips doesn't make blank media. They outsource and stick their label on other's products. If you bought 16x rated blank media, chances are it's made by Ritek (RitekF1). It could also be made by Mitsuibishi Chemical Corp, but I find that less likely.

    This is why Media codes are so important. But in general, I avoid Philips and Sony.

    If you don't know how to obtain media codes, you may find the following programs useful:

    * http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com
    * http://www.dvdinfopro.com/

    Sure can.

    If you simply click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=476 and follow the steps in the order they are listed you will understand better. You can't change booktype using Slysoft products.

    Also visit


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    I was given a pack of 20 "Philips" 8x printables last Christmas that turned out to be Fuji 03's ...
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    Yeah, I was stating information based on 16x rated blank media for the Philips. I think both CMC and Daxon made some of their 16x and 8x rated blank media as well.