dvd-r or dvd+r


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Jan 30, 2007
I was just wondering which dvd's are better dvd-r or dvd +r
DVD-R discs are more compatible with older players (usually).
DVD+R discs are capable of being Booktyped/Bitset to DVD Rom. That makes them more compatible with almost all players (even more than DVD-R). Store bought dvds are booktyped to DVD Rom. That's why they play in almost all players. :)
I find the question moot, as they both are pretty equal. I think the more important question is...Which work better in the DVD players in your home. Since we're making "back-ups" of our own store bought DVD's, it is important to use the media that will best work for you in the event your original goes bad. Or assuming your viewing the back-up to keep the original as pristine, the same rule applys.

When I first started making back-ups, I bought a 5-pack of both +R & -R. I made back-ups of 5 movies on each type. I then went to the few players in my home and viewed said back-ups. I quickly found in my case, that +R wouldn't even play in half my units....while -R did in most cases (one stupid player won't do either with consistancy).

So my test proved that the answer to your question in my case was -R. Results may vary from tester to tester!
I too find that dvd-R works better for my dvd player. I have a older one and a newer up-converting one ( I don't notice the different). I backup movies I buy and watch the backup copy then store my new dvd.
My stepfather had a player, that wouldn't play a +R or -R. I tried each several times. When I learned about booktyping, I booktyped a +R disc to a DVD Rom. When I tried that one in his player, it played flawlessly!
Booktyping works............ :) That made a believer out of me!
See this link for more +R and -R info....



Watch out for media recommendations that might arise from that FAQ.


"I've re-written the DigitalFAQ once or twice already, at least one of them is in my own FAQ thread in the hardware section if I recall correctly. The problem is pointing you to it :p but if you do some searches of DigitalFAQ you should be able to find it.

One of the biggest problems is how quickly things change though. What's true today was not true 4-5 months ago, and will potentially not be true in another 4 months. It's impossible to predict, and it's hard to stay on top of."


"As for that DigitalFAQ, it's the single most dangerous piece of web literature for the blank media market. It's the perfect example of how a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Yes, the makers of it DID try to update it, and once again they failed miserably. They completely miss the point in a lot of cases, and they really just try to "dumb it down" so much, that in the end it does more harm then good. They seriously need to sit down, do some REAL research into things, and make a better effort."


"Don't worry, the DigitalFAQ, although looking very pretty, has very little actual accurate information. It's SLIGHTLY better then taking random guesses via a dart board and brand name-tags, but on a good day you might do better with the dart board.

Honestly, I don't know HOW they put that thing together, but it's more misleading then anything else. I've attempted to have it corrected on several occasions, but other then having one of the authors admit that his own experiences contradict some of the DigitalFAQ, not much progress has been made.

Currently the big problem is that most big brands are now selling 16x media made by Taiwanese manufacturers, most of which is still not that well supported, especially at full speed."

The Digital Dolphin is the author of those posts.
Watch out for media recommendations that might arise from that FAQ.

Agreed. That (single) page I linked is just *general* info on the 2 format types etc etc.

All it really does is point out that the "+" format evolved separately from the "real DVD Symposium".

I *personally* use Fuji DVD-R and have yet to find a player that won't accept them.