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    Why is the DVD quality know were near the quality of the original? I backed up my copy of Shooter and its not even close. You can really tell on my 50" LCD tv. I have clone DVD set to DVD-5 format. When you flip the disk over you can see that theres data only filling half of the disk. Not even.
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    Is the backup disc a DVD DL disc or a SL DVD?

    Did you just copy the whole disc, just the movie, etc? How much did you copy? Remember that if you transcode an original DVD DL disc to a DVD-5 (SL DVD) disc you'll lose quality and the larger the screen you play it on the more apparent that loss will become.
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    Single Layer. Isn't that what DVD's (original) are?
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    Can all DVD players play DL?

    i guess they would have to, if your saying most original DVD's are DL's
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    Yes, that's right.