DVD protected, will not copy

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  1. Kenneth Rinehart

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    Fighting this problem. DVD copy protected and will not read or copy. Happened few times and wrote for help thinking my dvd program was not current. It is and so is the any dvd software. DVD drives disappeared and not recognized after the drivers went to ANYDVD.sys I cannot change the driver and get it to stay as a windows driver so the files are not recognized. Battled this off and on for a week. Help appreciated
    Ken Rinehart
  2. barryware

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    You will be asked for more information.

    What software are you using?

    What version of Anydvd do you have installed?

    What title are you working with?

    You will also be asked to post the Anydvd log file.

    I would suggest you start with re-installing AnyDVD because to be it looks like you have been messing with your rom drivers at a higher (or lower) level depending on how you want to look at it.

    If AnyDVD is disabled (not running), does your PC recognize the drive / disk?
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    Exit completely out of any dvd. I would actually uninstall it. Then go into the device manger and remove your dvd or blu ray drives. Then restart your computer. after windows re installs your drives you can re install anydvd. In the future, do not abort an anydvd scan of a disc. Let the program finish scanning. But if you do have a spotty internet connection and the anydvd scan will not end and you do abort it, remember you will have to do the above steps over again.
  4. Kenneth Rinehart

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    Thanks for the info. I will give it a try and hope for the best. Thanks again
  5. Kenneth Rinehart

    Kenneth Rinehart New Member