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  1. coming

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    When I tried to use Anydvd stop working and laptop dvd player won't play any movies.
    Device manage showed my dvdplayer is working properly.
    I find some strange here so I attached the file....

    Please little advice,

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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  3. coming

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    I just did that after uninstalled, restart the computer, check the DVD player (didn't work).
    After I installed Anydvd, restarted the computer still Dvd player doesn't work.

    MY store is like this
    I install a movie and Anydvd scanned the move(showed that removed the code) but my Dvd player make a sound CLICK CLICK, won't stooped so I removed the DVD from computer....after that computer won't recognized the disk( any original movie too). Device Manager showed my Dvd player is working properly.....

    thank you very much...little help Please
  4. Marty S. McFly

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    Sounds like you drive is about to quit working.
  5. coming

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    I wait one more day for advice.... buy the player.

    thank you for your advice
  6. mmdavis

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    EXIT AnyDVD and put a disc in the drive. Does it read it and play? If not, then either the drive, a cable, or the connection is bad.