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    Well I've had great results with this forum.CloneDVD is running and burning with awesome results!! so the next question I have access to a Target store, and was wondering what the best price, quality,GB of recordable DVD choice? Any thoughts of putting more than one movie on a DVD?
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    I recommend personally Verbatim or Sony with Accucore. And you cannot fit 2 movies on a DVD.
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    You might be able to put 2 main movies on 1 DVD5, if you use enough compression - but it's very unadvised.

    The worst I've ever done is combine a 2-disk movie to a single disk. LotRings, Gone with the Wind, and Making of Pump come to mind. If you strip each part down to just the main-movie and the AC3 5.1 audio track, and use a good transcoder like Shrink or Nero Recode. You'll still get "so-so" results.

    As a joke... I once put the entire LotRings extended trilogy onto a DVD9. And the picture quality REALLY suffered. :D
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    DVD Media

    Thanks again for the help. I just want to get a second opinion on what type of DVD's to buy. Here's my drive info:

    So if I ordered the Verbatim 16x Single-sided DVD+R Spindle, 100 Disc's
    from Amazon, would that be a good choice and compatible with my DVD drive? price is $40 plus shipping. Cheers
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    You won't be disappointed mildot. For future reference, Newegg has them for $30 + shipping.
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    Agreed... and all things being considered I'd get DVD-R.. for the slightly better overall compatability.


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    I use

    Taiyo Yuden DVD R Media, sony is also a good media to use i buy from meritline.com i use either the 8x or th 16x depending on what has free shipping this week.8)
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    IMHO Verbatim is the only way to go. Check your local BestBuy and OfficeMax. They usually have them on sale at a very reasonable price. SL 16X usually costs $12.99 per 50. So, 100 discs at $26+tax is pretty darn good in my book. DL costs $29.99 per 20. That's only $1.50+tax per disc.

    I used to order from Newegg. The reason I stopped is because I get better deals at retail stores. Plus UPS shipping sometimes really sucks big time. I would get a couple of (100) cakes just to find the outer plastic housing broken in places. Kinda scary when UPS throws your sh*t around.

    Just my two cents...
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    There has been a few inquiries on what is suggested to use for making backups with little to no issues and quality media. Most of us here have been there done that. There is a few other brands that have iffy results meaning that you can get a good burn for some but not all, however this is what we will always suggest so take this advise and use it. Now just because link 1 is the first doesn't mean we recommend this over all as all these links are the best media.

    Media Choice Link 1

    Media Choice Link 2

    Media Choice Link 3

    Media Choice Link 4

    I pulled this off of my forum and too lazy to edit anything so hope this helps.
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    Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden
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    Either, both are good, Verbatim is easy to find in alot of retail stores and is put on sale often as for Taiyo Yuden you can only get them online and also sometimes on sale with free shipping.
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    DVD Media

    Troops just a follow up on my post for a DVD media choice. I picked up the Verbatim 100 pack. Bang on, no "coasters" THANKS again for the great advice. Cheers
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    i been using sony dvd s since i started burning and never had a problem i seen a sale on tdks and got some and i had made one movie no problem playing it and then try three other movies that i through was find but when i put in my dvd player i was not able to play any of those movies got error saying dvds are dirty so i was reading this subject and i seen verbatim was highy like and sony also and i got some Verbatims from officemax on sale -r and i burn the movie i had try before when done put it in my player and it play great so then i did the other two movies and it work too so i just wanted to thank everyone and glad i belong to one of the greatest forums around ps i do have anydvd and clone dvd and they rock 8)
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    verbatim of course. :clap:
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    I use Fuji 8x DVD-R blank that I get online from Sam's Club (I don't think they're available in store). It's about $28 for a spindle of 100. In the past 1000 blanks I've used, I only ended up with one "coaster"...