DVD Max Quality Passthrough to H.264

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by bphem3, Oct 23, 2019.

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    I've read several forums looking for a list of all the device.ini switches but can't find anything that defines them all.

    I'm trying to perform the highest quality passthrough possible of a DVD to H.246 (I know technically it will be transcoded because DVD is H.262 but you get the point) with passthrough audio and selectable subtitles, preferably in MKV format for use on a Plex server without any transcoding to an Apple TV 4.

    If MKV is not an option then I would opt for MP4.

    My goal is to convert my DVD's to H.264 as close to native quality as possible (i.e. audio format and bitrate, and video bitrate, while taking advantage of H.264 compression over H.262) with selectable subtitles.

    I've scoured the forums without any luck. Any thought or suggestions?

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    Set the slider to right. Audio gets always converted lossy (there is no passthrough option).

    Maybe try handbrake ? Not as easy as CloneDVDm ...