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DVD Files


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Jan 28, 2007
I have some DVD files here and I would like to be able to get audio from a certain part of it. What app would be good for this?
First download Chopper XP and load up the specific VOB into it. Select the part you want to cut out and save it as a VOB somewhere else.

Download PgcDemux. Demux the audio from the VOB you just created and wollah!

Use your favourite audio converter to convert it to whatever you wish.
I was able to create a .VOB of the selected part, but PgcDemux only accepts .IFOs for input.
Ah yes, I see the problem. Ok download IFOedit. Make sure the VOB you created is named something like: VTS_01_1.vob. Then follow page one of this guide to create your IFOs. Now load the corrosponding IFO up into PgcDemux.
It spit out an .ac3 file. You know of a good converter that can take this filetype and change it into a few others?
River Past Software

I haven't fooled around with this in some time, but I seem to remember River Past products as doing a very good job of extracting audio from dvd video files.

Any good converters out there you guys know of? I need to convert from .ac3.