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dvd editing software??


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Jun 14, 2007
Can I use clone to edit dvd's? I'd like to make 1 dvd of all my kids dances from 7 years of recitals... can editing software be suggested on chat if clone doens't allow? And if so, is there a free or reasonably priced one compatible with clone?

done with questions today. Thanks!
No join feature exists in Clonedvd. Try dvdshrink or Nero Recode.
clonedvd2 cant be used to edit dvd's (that is if you mean you decide which parts of video you want to keep and which bits you want to remove).

what i do is connect a usb video capture device to computer then connect dvd player to device.play the dvd and only record on the computer the bits you want.then use a video editing program such as ulead video studio (i like this as it is so simple to use).

if you dont have a video capture device,another way to do it is to rip the whole dvd (or dvd's) to a high quality mpeg4 file (DivX) using clonedvdmobile
then open these in ulead video studio again to edit out bits you dont want to keep.

then once you've previewed your efforts and are happy,you can then burn it to dvd.

thats what i do anyway.
You can only remove chapters from an original source disc in Clonedvd. And you can remove previews, extras, and specific titlesets. But you can't join different sources.