dvd drive dead ? or something else?

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    how do i know if my dvd drive is dying or if it is another problem?

    ive burned a lot of movies, some older movies, some newer.. several of them lately say they have finished and i go to play them and it says cannot read disk. i checked some and it seems like there was nothing even burned onto the disk because i took one and tried to re burn it again onto the disk that says it was used and it worked. so is my burner dying >? or is it something else? why are my movies not burning when they say they are?
    is there copy protection that makes it so it wont burn anything for you to disk? my burner is 3 yrs old. laptop. i also have a desktop drive that when burning a movie, also might not burn, also it looks like it burned weird cuz its discolored on the back . any suggestions??

    i usually use verbatim blank media disks.
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    Copy protection? None whatsoever
    Now as to the playback. Is there a color difference in the underside of the blanks? If yes, then your drive isn't dead (yet) and is burning the data. Let's start with your saying

    1. WHAT you're burning with
    2. WHAT brand and type of blanks you're using
    3. WHAT speed you're burning at
    4. WHAT model the drive is and it's firmware revision (if you don't know where to look, just insert a random movie into the drive you use for burning and create an AnyDVD logfile and attach it here)
    5. WHAT it is you're using for playback (model and firmware fout hardware player, software name and version of software based)

    Though notebook drives are by nature worse than desktop drives, and there's supposed to be a color difference on the underside if data has been written to the disc. Define 'weird discoloration'.

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