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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by chamroo, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. chamroo

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    Why Can't I copy Games from Dvd that will work in my Computer. Cd games will work for the most part. All the newer games seem to be on dvd. What Gives?
  2. Zer0

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    CloneCD can copy CD and DVD including Games! But Games have copy protections like, SecuROM, Tag├ęs, SafeDisc or Starforce.

    So CloneCD can't handle the copy protections from newer games! If you burn these dvds, CloneCD give you errors or abort the copyprocedure.
  3. chamroo

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    I've always gotten errors for cd games that I have copied. The games would still play as if they were the original copy. The games that I am talking about are Madden 2007 and Nba live 2007. They copy almost flawlessly. They just don't play. (Please insert correct Disc) This is The Message that I get.
  4. Zer0

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    Yes, thats normal.

    believe it or not, but this game won't run as mounted image or as copy on cd.

    So the only way to use the game without the cd, are nocd cracks. But NoCD Cracks are NOT legal.
  5. chamroo

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    What is nocd crack?