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    First I would like to give anyone considering GameJackal my recomendation. It works on nearly any game, also those with old copy protection (for example the original RollerCoaster Tycoon) that will not be copied by any other software i have tried (i.e Alcohol, AnyDVD and Clone DVD).

    Today however, I ran into a problem trying to use Game Jackal Pro v5 with Pinchcliffe Grand Prix: DVD-Cops (v1.69 #5129).

    According to wikipedia, DVD-Cops is using the geometry of the specciffic production series of game DVDs to verify if the DVD is fake or not.

    I have made my profile with the "any protection" setting and full image mode. The DVD-Cops utility is embedded into the game executable, and scans the imaged DVD. It finds that it is not the original, and forces the user to exit from the game before it starts.

    Does anyone have experience with this or earlier versions of DVD-Cops protection using GameJackal? Or know if it is supported or will be suported in the future?

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