DVD companies that use copy protection on the DVDs

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    This is a list of popular movie companies that use Copy protection on DVDs:

    DVDs________________Macrovision APS______RipGuard____Arccos
    Warner Bros.------------sometimes-----------no-----------No
    Sony (Columbia)---------sometimes-----------no-----------Yes
    New Line----------------sometimes-----------no-----------No
    20 century FOX-----------Yes----------------no-----------No
    Lions Gate--------------Sometimes-----------no-----------sometimes
    Just to name a few. Protections on DVDs are subject to change with out notice.

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  2. linx05

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    Where did you get this from?
  3. DetroitBaseball

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    ARccOS is supposed to be discontinued on new releases from Sony.
  4. sheep

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    Constantine (Germany) uses X-Protect.
    Who uses Settect Alpha dvd? Does this portection still exist?

    Augsburger Puppenkiste uses Puppetlock, Cinema Now Fluxdvd.
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  5. odd_function

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    Awesome! :clap:
  6. sheep

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    Any source for that?
  7. Rodster

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    Really makes you wonder why they bother with copy protection when there are truck loads of tools out their to bypass it, but naturally only Slysoft is the best at doing this. I guess they go on the majority of people who dont realise it can be bypassed and if they knew, they wouldnt know what to do anyway.

    I suppose a polite way of saying it is that when you buy a dvd your physically buying a "crippled" copy with copy restrictions on it, which really makes you wonder if this is completely legal as you can buy a computer program and legally make one backup copy yet, you cant with a DVD - very odd.

    I love looking at the dvd cases with the words "copy protected and the fancy logo" and I think "if only people knew they were being tricked into believing it is foolproof". Macrovision's motto use to be "protecting your image" but I think its more like "protecting our bank balance". See if you get the population to believe in a false sense of security and believe that Macrovision is on there for "protecting your image" instead of its real meaning, then most will believe it and wont question it.

  8. mike20021969

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    i dont think macrovision are trying to trick anyone.it clearly states on the macrovision website,for all to see,:

    "While no encryption method is 100 percent foolproof, the goal of a good security solution is to deter the majority of violators. Between 85 to 95 percent of all consumers lack the patience and the technical know-how to break through the extra layer of protection RipGuard provides, causing them to give up on making illegal copies. Often, casual users end up purchasing the DVD content they were trying to copy.

    Only 5 percent of users have the knowledge and determination required to break through the RipGuard protection and decrypt the underlying CSS. These individuals represent a small subset of the total population and are not likely to buy content at any cost."

    source: http://www.macrovision.com/products/anti_piracy/ripguard.htm
  9. Rodster

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    Only 5% god thats not many people who have or know the technical way around these things thats for sure even with the applications freely available.

  10. Rich86

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    This looks to be a bunch of Macrovision snake-oil salesman talk. Movie studios paying Macrovision anything for inserting intentional flaws and corrupt sectors on dvd media is a complete waste of money. They should focus their resources on the quality of the products they offer to attract customers and increase sales.
  11. maorcutt

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    OMG! Do they honestly believe this? Anybody that has access to a computer can backup a DVD just by looking it up on the internet and following a few simple instructions. :D :D :D
  12. Zeratul

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    ya im sure if someone had a problem theyd just have to google to error message to get the solution.
  13. mike20021969

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    of course they dont-but there must be gullible people who do though.

    macrovision are well aware of products to get around copy protections.they'll have heard of anydvd (and,dare i say it...dvdfab).
    thats why they,sony and others keep udating there ripguard,arccos and other protections to stay one step ahead...or try too.

    when macrovision say:
    "Only 5 percent of users have the knowledge and determination required to break through the RipGuard protection and decrypt the underlying CSS."

    what they really mean is:
    "Only 5 percent of users don't have the knowledge and determination required to break through the RipGuard protection and decrypt the underlying CSS."
    and with most people having (or have access to) a computer it'd probably be well less than 5% who cant copy a dvd.
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  14. Ironpeddler

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    Mike...you hit the nail on the head...PATIENCE.....the whole copy protection thing is for the masses....the movie studios don't give a hoot about the 5%ers...look at DVD sales, through the roof...proof positive....you know how lazy people are when you see complete seasons of TV shows selling like hotcakes when you know they could be recorded off the airways!.......