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    I am sure it is on here but i searched for it but could not find it,
    I am about to go and buy a double layer disc to clone my 7.2 GB disc, Is this what i need to clone this as i only have 4.7 discs..Or can i somehow clone the 7 gig disc to the 4 gig disk?
    I do have a double layer burner.
  2. Billy_in_lil_la

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    Think I Worked it out..:clap:
    Thanks in case you where going to reply :D
  3. Billy_in_lil_la

    Billy_in_lil_la New Member

    Follow up: Would i get better quality if i Cloned it to a Double Layer Disk?
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    @ Billy_in_lil_la,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    When the CloneDVD software program was first released the primary design function was to transcode compress original Commercial DVD Movie Titles to fit on 4.7GB blank Media.

    With new modern DL DVD Burners and DL Media it is not necessary to transcode compress original Commercial DVD Movie Titles to fit on 4.7GB Media. With CloneDVD you have the option to use either DVD-5 (4.7GB Media) or DVD±R DL (8.5GB Media). When the CloneDVD ‘Quality Bar’ indicates 100% no transcode compression is used and you receive 100% video quality. When the CloneDVD ‘Quality Bar’ indicates anything less than 100% you are transcode compressing and receiving less than 100% video quality.

    Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD and CloneDVD User Guides ->

    AnyDVD User Guide ->

    CloneDVD User Guide -> http://www.ultimate-dvdr.com/clonedvd2/713-clonedvd2-intro-guide-vista-update.html

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    Thank you, Very helpfull.