DVD Audio Sample Rate Limitations

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Dryst, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Dryst

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    I own the DVD audio release of Grover Washington, Jr's Winelight. This includes two tracks - 6 channels of audio and two channels of stereo audio. It is an album of a short length; therefore, the stereo release contains data at a high bitrate. CloneDVD2 making use of AnyDVD HD is able to successfuly clone the DVD Audio. However, the sample rate is locked at 48KHz when the expectation is 192KHz for two stereo channels.

    Is there anyway I can increase this sample rate for the cloned DVD?
  2. Dryst

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    I believe I identified the issue I am facing. DVD audio dics have two sets of folders under root:
    1. AUDIO_TS
    2. VIDEO_TS
    It appears that ClondDVD ignores AUDIO_TS and all content under it. This is where my DVD audio high definition content is stored. I am now attempting to copy all content from the original DVD Audio disc into the ISO file that CLoneDVD generated. AnyDVD is able to successfully decrypt the disc, so this may work.
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    There is software out there that can copy the audio tracks that you want.

    Please try DVD Audio Extractor from Computer Application Studio. It is trialware, meaning that you can try it out before you can either buy it or not within the 30 day trial period.
    I've used it over the years to get audio tracks from DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

  4. Dryst

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    Thanks for posting. Yes -- I am aware of this software. I actually have a license to use it, but it was not working properly for this particular DVD Audio release.

    I am now learning that the issue was due to AnyDVD HD running. DVD Audio Extractor itself works fine, but AnyDVD HD running causes it to fail to operate properly for 192kHZ DVD Audio PCM data. I shut it down, and it works fine now.
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  5. whatever_gong82

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    So I guess that you have the issue solved then?

  6. Dryst

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    CloneDVD is not actually cloning the DVD. This is still an open issue. Why is AUDIO_TS folder empty?

    AnyDVD HD causing issues with DVD Audio Extractor is another issue. The work-around of closing AnyDVD helps resolve.

    I worked around my issues using other software.

    For the CloneDVD2 issue, I contacted elby support.
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  7. Ch3vr0n

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    The audio_ts folder never really took off, its only used for dvd-audio discs (rare). Audio for normal DVDs is packed in the vob files inside the video_ts folder.

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  8. Dryst

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    I have seven Audio DVDs that all have PCM audio content greater than the audio within the video_ts folder. That content is limited to 48kHz. This is an issue for me.
  9. mmdavis

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    If there is no protection on the disc, I would use CloneCD with AnyDVD not running. It does a better job with mixed content discs.
  10. Dryst

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    Thanks for replying. This is a DVD containing 192kHz 24-bit PCM data. It has CSS protection. CloneDVD2 ignores the content, which is the reason I started the thread. CloneCD probably will not copy DVD data that CloneDVD also ignores.
  11. testiles

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    This piqued my interest, because I have the very same DVD Audio disc and made a backup .iso of it years ago.

    Just mounted the .iso and checked the AUDIO_TS folder and it does have content...


    I'm trying to remember how I made the .iso - it was nearly 4 years ago...

    ... I believe I just used AnyDVD's Rip-to-Image.

    Have you tried that?

    EDIT: It's also possible I used ImgBurn to create the .iso, with AnyDVD running in the background ofc.

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  12. Dryst

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    Awesome -- AnyDVD HD can correctly create an ISO image where CloneDVD fails a perfect clone. Thank you for pointing this out. I have confirmed that AnyDVD creates the ISO completely and correctly.

    Also, elby support was arguing over this instead of simply implementing a perfect clone. I do not even think the support guy bothered to forward my request.
  13. testiles

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    I did some testing of my own, mounting the .iso and using a number of apps, all pointing to my VirtualClone drive (should be the same as using the disc).

    You're right, CloneDVD completely drops the AUDIO_TS folder when it creates an intermediate output folder.

    Then when it uses that to create the .iso, the AUDIO_TS folder generated on it is empty.

    I figured out it's 99% likely I used ImgBurn on my original disc. My ImgBurn test today created the full .iso.

    Glad you had success with AnyDVD Rip-To-Image. I found that worked for me today too.

    I even tried CloneCD -- and it also created a complete .iso!!

    So only CloneDVD has an issue here.

    BTW, it was the only app that generated a piddling 1.3M .iso. All the others created a 5.2M .iso file.

    But that's because it dropped all the good stuff! LOL!

    Thank you for reminding me about Winelight DVD Audio. It a good one so it was great to "dust if off" and play it again today.

    In fact, I saved all my (full) backup .iso's generated today -- to make sure I always have a copy of this excellent but now hard-to-find Smooth Jazz DVD-Audio. :)


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  14. Dryst

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    Actually, there is one issue with how AnyDVD creates the ISO. DVD Audio Extractor is not able to properly extract FLAC files from the ISO file that AnyDVD HD created:


    Notice the sizes. These files were not ripped correctly using DVD Audio Extractor. AnyDVD HD was closed prior to attempting the rip.

    DVD Audio Extractor can successfully rip the DVD Audio from the disc directly. The ISO seems to have issues of some sort. I suspect you experience a similar scenario with your own ISO back-up.
  15. Dryst

    Dryst Active Member

    Here is the result of DVD Audio Extractor ripping directly from the DVD disc itself:


    AnyDVD HD conflicts with DVD Audio Extractor. It must be completely closed not running in the task bar prior to launching it.
  16. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    I'm unfamiliar with DVD Audio Extractor. I enjoy playing the disc/.iso itself...

    Great, at least you have a way to get the correct flac files.

    If for some reason you need to use the .iso instead, see if an .iso made by ImgBurn or CloneCD yields different results.

  17. Dryst

    Dryst Active Member

    I can try free products or a trial of products for test purposes. The AUDIO_TS folder and its contents are important for high definition audio. DVD Audio Extractor is the only software I am aware of that properly handles it for correct DVD Audio. I am aware of no other software for computer than handles it properly. I am testing an ISO image creation from this same DVD Audio disc right now. It is a product that competes with CloneDVD, so I will not mention its name. I will know shortly if this issue I face is related to AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I suspect that it is, due to the output received when it does not work being consistent to AnyDVD running in the task bar. I see these same short files only as a result of AnyDVD running (hence the conflict). I will know very soon.