Duplicating copy-protected VHS tapes

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    I'm guessing that SlySoft tools can't help with the above problem but I was wondering if any forum members have any experience with it? I'd appreciate any tips you may have to copy this type of tape, or any suggestions for where to look for help. There once was a thriving hardware market of solutions for CSS tapes, but I'm not sure if any of them are in business anymore.

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    There are a couple of ways of circumventing Macrovision. The simplest way is to use what is called a Digital Video Stabilizer. You can build one for next to nothing ($20) providing if you have a schematic and some basic electronic skills. Or you can buy one from eBay for about the same cost $20-25 + shipping. Sima also makes a product carried by Bestbuy that will do the job. However, they generally run somewhere around $75+. A bit to pricey for what it does if you ask me. You could also find a VCR that is Macrovision free or run your signal through a camcorder while making your copy. Personally I would buy the DVS unit and call it a day. I've used one to make literally hundreds of copy protected tapes without flaw. If you have any more questions about Macrovision, please feel free to ask:agree:
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    Mark, thanks for the advice. I had been toying with the idea of re-recording the tape into my camcorder, then uploading that to my computer. But I don't have the cable needed and I wasn't sure if it would work then anyway. So, as you suggested, I scoured the web for a black box and bought one from ClearPix (http://www.checkhere22.com/index.html) -- I hope they're still in business! Thanks again for your help. Jay