Dune HD Max - How to rip BR?

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by Kohjinsha, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Kohjinsha

    Kohjinsha New Member

    Hi, I´ve got a Dune HD Max BlueRay Media Player and would like to know, if there is a solution to copy/rip BlueRays over the network.
    It is no problem with DVDs, but no chance with BlueRays.

    If there is no solution: Which external BlueRay Drive for my PC could be a good solution? Full SlySoft-Software compaitbility is needed.

    Thanks for your answers
  2. John Bank

    John Bank Active Member

    Just RIP to iso image with ANYDVDHD and copy to NAS.

    Share your folder using NFS share and that is it should work. I have Qnap 469 pro with 4 NAS Red 8tb Drives. I use in trunk mode with 2 network cable.

    If you are interested in how to setup PM me