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    I've mentioned before that the Dune HD doesn't seem to jump to first title (-1 or 65535 depending on if signed or unsigned). For HDMV menus, this is easy to deal with, as can just create a new title and have it jump to that instead. AnyDVD now does this. I mentioned this recently as I noticed PBS disks I ripped no longer had this problem.

    I was still however having a problem with fox BD+ discs. (though it seems more recent versions dont have this problem, perhaps this problem impacts other players as well, so they had to change how they worked?). My first attempt was changing the first play object to the top menu object. occasionally this worked, but generally it still went through its init system and getting stuck as they used the same set of bdjo.

    One thing I realized is that it seemed to be getting stuck on a title like 88 (generally 88). What I did in BDedit, was to add a new title 88 (i.e. insert after 87) that pointed to a new movie object that was simply jump title 0 (i.e. to top menu). In this case, it still went through its init system (sometimes hitting title 88 multiple times), setting the GRPs however they were supposed to be set and would get to the menu. The only negative (or positive depending on one's view) is that it doesn't play any of the playlists that it would normally play during startup (i.e. trailers).

    I did this for the only sunny in philadelphia seasons that were released, it worked for most seasons simply (as described above), one season I had to jump through some more hoops (forgot exactly what I did, but figure its init system was different, with the above fix it just kept on replaying the opening fanfare).

    Is there any chance we can get a toggle to rewrite java code that's jump to first title as jump to first title's movie object?
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    I'll have to think about this. The hacks you're using are fine, since you're deliberately skipping everything before the menu and you're expecting it to only work most of the time - and if it doesn't, you'll know what's the cause.
    Whatever AnyDVD does, needs to leave the disc functionally intact and should work near 100% of the time, otherwise we'll drown in support problems that are extremely hard to analyse (we won't even know if it's the "fix the jump to firstplay" code causing the trouble, because it will simply blend in with all the other typical causes of black screen, player crashing, ...).

    So it has to be generic, watertight and not modify the disc's code flow.

    The reason why some BD+ discs work and others don't (has nothing to do with recent discs, it was always like that), is that some don't do their BD+ checks during firstplay, but from some other title - and the BD-J code just jumps back to whatever title that was. And the Dune only has problems with firstplay.,

    AnyDVD's HDMV solution currently moves the firstplay code to a different title and then pretends to be firstplay, whenever the code checks for that (which it frequently does, and without spoofing those queries, it wouldn't work). Something similar should be possible with BD-J, but a bit more complicated and I'm expecting side-effects.
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    I'd agree that my editing of first play title is not something you should do (it's a total hack). I'm just wondering if copying first play title to another title and having an option to interpose on the Java code to jump to it instead of first play (same as what's fine for non Java code today) would work. Not as a default, at least till one is comfortable with the implications of it.

    In some fox titles I was able to disable this jumping by hand (or I think that's what I was doing) by editing the properties files in the JAR dir to disable what I think is bdj processing (and anydvd would have already descrambled the m2ts files to get rid of the need for it as is), but it didn't always work or always have the option to disable.

    Basically I always play test my rips on the dune before I archive them because of the this reason. Haven't used my Netgear neotv 550 in years, but my assumption is that it behave the same as pretty sure it's using the same exact binary blob player from sigma (primary reason why this couldn't be fixed by dune even if they wanted to)

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