Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices.

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    From what I know, the newer BW-16D1HT units (anyway from 2016 and later) in fact use quite different electronics inside than the older BW-16D1HT-revisions (2015 and older)
    It's just that ASUS, unfortunately packs the same model-name Asus on to their newer drives.
    Afaik Asus doesn't build those Blu-ray drives. LG does produce, and Asus buys them and rebadges them under different label, and packs a different front-plastic cover around, +enhanced firmware.

    I'm pretty sure from what people told, the newer Asus BW-16D1HTs (2016 and later) are basically in fact LG BH16NS55 internally, but with modified firmware compared to BH16NS55, which is faster and less noisy. That's why you can crossflash NS50 compatible LG drives like BH16NS55 to Asus BW-16D1HT and vice versa. And myabe (B/WH16NS40 SVC 50), too
    Seen myself, Dosflash reports same "MediaTek" chipset on my BH16NS55 (production 2017) as on BW-16D1HT (production 2017).

    You have flashed newer Asus BW-16D1HT firmware on an older-revision-BW-16D1HT (with different hardware). So firmware incompatibility. That's why also not any types of discs start to spin now.
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  2. Maybe you're right. I will buy a newer Version from Amazon and take the downgrade tutorial from the 1st Page again. Thank you
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    Stay away from BU40N and BU50N, it is UHD-official, but not UHD-friendly and according to the dev's trying to convert it, won't work.

    Also don't take Pioneer. I find Pioneer more robust and silent than the new LG ones appear.
    But afaik Pioneer does not have that loophole (only UHD-official), cannot be converted, and afaik the EEPROM is write protected on newer Pioneer drives, or at least some kind of signing code which blocks writing modified firmwares.