Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices.

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    Hi, I've following this thread a couple days. I'm trying to make lg BU40N/Buffalo uhd friendly and i'm trying to see if anyone has succesfully convert it.
    I saw and tried the test.bin from here and tried eeprom_Data_mover but no luck. i upload the dump file from dosflash, if teddyraspin can help me. thanks

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    No he can't, as has been stated a few times now. He no longer modifies firmwares. You either need to use the guide, out hope someone else will do it for you.

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    Well I've enough time, I don't have to work.
    It hurts myself denying help to other person who's probably totally lost in technical issues, when I can.
    It's probably also to feel "needed", I tried not to answer any request, but couldn't resist.

    But I'm pretty sure if I'd get dozens help request all the time and you had helped them for free, I'd feel stressed and utilized, too.

    Mattering the uploads, I'll delete those, or have them deleted no problem.
    If the people, I uploaded the firmware don't check the forum regulary it can't be so important.
    OK last help dump was just around 18 h ago ;)
    If he doesn respond in a week I'll delete it. Maybe on vacation for now, or got frustrated cause didn't get help at once, and couldn't help himself for now.

    A reason was that I wanted s.o. to test if his WH16NS60->BH16NS55 with your hexrange and with "dd" hexediting method works with UHD ripping.
    (But afaik you tested UHD ripping already succesfully with WH16NS60->BH16NS55 via the hexeditor-method.)
    The negative side effect is, that more and more people think they can always come, just not to spend a few hours/max a couple of days themselves for making firmware backups +modding.

    Some people used the EEPROM data mover method for modding, also for official WH16NS60 UHD drive <=but here it gives different/strange/unusual result, some report here UHD to not work with some specific ripping software, but with a competitive copy software.

    So I'd expect, it's because it was not done with the other hexrange from Teddy's navigating UHD official/real drive-to-UHD-friedly drive conversion, but not sure.

    Yes. Sry I know you're right. It's frustrating to see, that quite some few people are just too foul to read your guide.

    Maybe there are some that have just too few basic knowledge, have too few trust in themselves, and don't want to send back a bricked device in case.
    There are also many that profit from your guideline, some of them perhaps not mentioning it in the forum.

    And some people brick their device. But if they can't follow your instructions and they are too impatient, I wouldn't have bad conscience about it :)
    Then they'll have to wait a few months, maybe tourist will have an emergency rescue firmware in some time from other unit, working.
    The bad thing is those people will perhaps RMA it, and it's known some online shops resell those devices without testing and repairing from manufacturer.

    I'm not really the cleverest person, if even I can follow your tutorial, then most others also can.
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