Dumping & Downgrading firmware on UHD Friendly Devices. (OUTDATED)

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    Hi joe711,

    dosflash only works with drives directly connected to SATA - but why the heck you are trying this????? Read post #677 with the link provided by SamuriHL. It is much easier, safer and works also with drives connected via USB.
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    Yes better use the safe method with the modified LG utility / modified Asus utility.
    Dosflash is risky, because it's overwriting whole EEPROM, which would be disastrous when you flash over with Dosflash a (wrongly)-edited firmware and even when it's (principally) correctly hexedited but when the prioncipially correct hexrange was from an (in)complete dump (e.g. from Devilsclaw flasher)/"Clean"-firmware or other kind of defective dump.
    You dumped your original unit's firmware at first, using Dosflash, correct??
    Also I would read it out a 2nd and rd time, just to check that all are identical, to exclude file system-error or due to an failing USB-flash-drive etc.

    And stored it seperately, e.g. also a 2nd backup copy?

    Just answering your question:
    Maybe the firmware filename is too long, and DOS/Freedos shorts the filename, replaces the last too many letters with a "~" in behind.
    If you know the name of the hexedited firmware-file (at least the first letters), and you clear know which file it is:
    If the firmware file is in the root-directory of your USB-key, in DOS/Freedos
    you can list the directory's content by typing "dir" (without exclamation marks)


    look for a file where the first letters match the filename of your hexedited firmware, and probably it might be shortened with a "~" at back.

    If you can't find it even though copied over, maybe it's due to a file system error on your USB key, but please be sure to have first copied your original-unit's-firmware-dump from your USB-key to HDD, before doing a filesystem check etc.
    and before flashing over anything with Dosflash!!
    Also I would dump original firmware 2nd and 3rd time, just to check that all are identical, to exclude file system-error or due to an failing USB-flash-drive etc.
    Is the size of your hexedited firmware also 2,097,152 bytes ?

    But better use the safe method with the modified LG utility / modified Asus utility, as coopervid and SamuriHL, etc. suggest!!
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    Dosflash is history on the newer firmware releases, FYI. BW-16D1HT 3.10 and LG NS55 1.04 remove dosflash access. Teddy patched the dos version of the utility to somewhat work if you know what you're doing, but, it's much harder and more dangerous than it was before. And no, downgrading does not bring it back. So, don't even bother if you have one of those versions on a new drive.

    EDIT: To be ULTRA clear I'm talking about dosflash. Using the BW-16D1HT MK 3.10 firmware on either the LG NS55 or the ASUS drive will allow you to downgrade using the patched Windows flashers.
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    I have been unable to download clean firmware from your link. I keeps telling me I must update my Flash. It is some kind of malware.

    I would appreciate it if you would get the appropriate file and update it for me.

    Here is my drive info from dosflash:
    0) 0x01F0 IDE Pri Master ATAPI ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.03
    Flash ManufacturerID: 0x24, DeviceID: 0x24
    Flash Type: MediaTek MT1959
    Flash Size: 2097152 bytes (2048 KB)

    Attached please find a zip file with my original firmware.


    Attached Files:

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    Hello i have the LG bh16ns55 with 1.02 firmware does the asus firmware rip quicker? and which version of the asus firmware do i need???
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    Someone should write a feature request to add support for the LG "Official" UHD drives, the WH/BH16NS60, BU40xxx, and BP60/NB10 the RedFox products similar to what makeMKV has done. Then you can start using the WH16NS60 stock, no crossflashing!!
  7. SamuriHL

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    It's not that simple, I'm afraid. I've already talked to Redfox about it. But we'll see what happens going forward.
  8. SamuriHL

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    You don't need to be using dosflash. In fact, you SHOULD NOT be using it. You simply need to flash a Downgrade Enabled or MK firmware with one of the patched windows flashers.


    See there, please.
  9. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    You can cross flash if you want. The ASUS MK 3.10 firmware works very well. But if your drive is working for you, the speed gain isn't going to be tremendous by cross flashing. I'd maybe leave it.
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    I bought yesterday LG BH16NS55.Is it possible to downgrade firmware on this type ?
    I have alreday made mistake with LG BH16NS40 with no code SVC50 and I am affraid
    to do this

  11. SamuriHL

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    Yes you can downgrade that drive. Get the latest custom mk firmware pack and it'll contain the latest firmware to use.

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    Thank you for the answer SamuriHL
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  14. Velibor

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    Thank you Mac McKee.I used procedure explained by SamuriHL.I used Patched MK firmware for LG BH16NS55 and Patched LG flasher.Everything seems to be fine now.
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    I used this, https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/new...h-using-official-modified-asus-flasher.76571/ , method for my drive. I thought this was the simplest/safest? What's the difference between the above and cross flashing?
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    Newer firmwares and drives with newer firmware are blocked for the original LG flasher and need the modified ASUS flasher. If you were successful with the LG flasher everything is fine. If that would have failed you would have to be forced to use the ASUS flasher instead.


    So recommendation is to use the modified ASUS flasher right away and pick the newest modified firmware from here:

  17. SamuriHL

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    NO!!! Please stop saying this. I've been trying to kill this misinformation for quite a while now and it's exhausting. It has NOTHING TO DO with the flasher!!!!!! AT ALL. It is the firmware that the protection lives in and it requires new MK firmware or crossflashing. It does NOT have anything at all to do with what tool you use to flash it. This nonsense needs to die.
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    R U guys addressing my question above?? Or, is this something completely different??
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    @SamuriHL ,

    Then I must have missed that discussion. Can you provide a link to that? My understanding until today is the one I mentioned.
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    @SamuriHL ,

    just a second thought. Even if the ASUS flasher is not mandatory and the LG flasher would also work: What's wrong with using the Asus flasher?
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