Dukes of Hazzard The Beginning

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by MSM3JJ, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. MSM3JJ

    MSM3JJ New Member

    Any one else not able to make a back up of this movie? I know its new so Im wondering if thats the problem and I just need to wait for slysoft to come up with a fix. Any ideas would be great.

  2. creeper6996

    creeper6996 Well-Known Member

    Latest versions of anyDVD and DVD Clone 2 will allow it to work.
  3. MSM3JJ

    MSM3JJ New Member

    I have Iclickdvd, any ideas??
  4. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

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  5. creeper6996

    creeper6996 Well-Known Member

    If you want my honest opinion, buy CloneDVD2, it's proven to work. And, believe me, it's worth $39 to have a back-up set of software that works.
  6. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    If you mean the one with Jonny Knoxville - it was easy.
    I did it 2 days ago. AnyDVD and Shrink took it clean - no real issues with it.

    Sure your original is undamaged??

  7. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    he means new one comes out march 2o 2007 dukes of hazzard 2
  8. OscarT

    OscarT Member

    Nope he really means The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning that was released on March 13, 2007.

    BTW, I had no problem backing it up with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.

  9. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    ya but dukes of hazzard 2 pretty much its the second one and where i live comes out on 20th