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    Is there a way to backup my DVD's on the Dual Layer media without it screwing up the movie? Every Time It seems i hits that layer break I am guessing the dvd player lags out...
  2. Ripper

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    I reccomend using ImgBurn to firstly build an ISO of your vobs and then burn that same ISO with imgburn to a DL disk. Imgburn handles the LayerBreak much better than Nero and the like...
  3. ABC

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    Can you please give us a step by step tutorial on doing this !

    Would it not be easier and less expensive to simply split a DVD9 on to 2 DVD5 media.
  4. Ripper

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    Here's how to build an ISO in IMGburn...It's by a great guy called arniebear from AfterDawn...
    Then to burn it you merely switch to burn mode.

    And to answer your question, no it wouldn't. Are you really telling me that switching between SL layer disks is easier than one DL?! And maybe slightly more expensive, but just dont use them like they're going out of fashion. Just for the good films etc...

  5. ABC

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    Just that personnally i don't find it a big deal to throw in 2 DVD's for the same movie, I realize that perhaps many folks do not like to do this.

    I use DVD Fab Gold's split feature when I want to split a movie, it is 1 step only and works really great for this particular task.
  6. Ripper

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    It's more of a convenience thing...

    Whatever works for you.

  7. Webslinger

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    Follow these steps:

    1. Update your burner's firmware if possible. Visit your burner's website to check for firmware upgrades.
    2. Use Verbatim +R DL discs only (ensure they are made in Singapore)
    3. Try Anydvd or later
    3. Change the booktype of the +R DL media to "dvd-rom". Use Nero cd-dvd speed to do this if you have to: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/
    This is a free program. (Click "Extra", then "Bitsetting". Make the change to "dvd-rom" and click "set".)
    4. Use Clonecd (not Clonedvd2) to retain to original layer break position. Clonedvd2 cannot do this. And you can only retain the original layer break position when using +R DL blank discs.
    5. With Anydvd running in the background, open Clonecd and click a few times. You do not need to waste time using several different programs or ripping first (and then switching to imgburn). Generally, a 4x write speed works well with Verbatim +R DL media that is advertised at 2.4x.

    Problem solved
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