Dual layer BD blanks

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  1. mmace

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    I'm new here and to all this.

    I live in the UK where we have to pay rip-off prices for Blu-ray movies, I'm wanting to import from the US, but I know some of them are region encoded.

    Does anyone know of ANY online stores (that will ship internationally to here) that sell 50gb blank discs?
    I can get hold of 25Gb without a problem!

    any help would be very much appreciated
  2. TM2-Megatron

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    Are there even any dual-layer burners available yet? I'm not sure anyone even manufactures dual-layer blanks... Verbatim doesn't have any on its website
  3. mmace

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    I have a Sony BWU-100A, which has been out a while and that's a dual layer burner, I know Sony & Verbatim both make dual layer discs but can't find them over here
  4. overmind

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    there are blu ray dual layer blanks available, at $29.99 each, you might as well just buy another copy of the movie versus backing it up!
  5. roog

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    Try meritline.com. On their checkout screen they list the UK.
  6. mmace

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