Dtshd and truehd question.

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by Shang223, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Shang223

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    Hi, first of all I love reclock, amazing work.

    Ok, I have a question because now I have a new receiver capable to play HD audio.

    Does reclock degrade in any way the quality of the new HD audio? I mean, I'm getting the pcm audio in the receiver just fine with all the 7.1 channels, and I'm using wasapi, but I'm afraid I'm losing the untouched quality when reclock do his magic. Is that so? Or I should not worry?

  2. el Filou

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    ReClock has to 'touch' the audio to do its magic obviously, but its resampling algorithm has been measured as producing quality differences lower than what your ears can distinguish, not to mention what most audio equipment can output (in other words, in an audio chain containing ReClock and using WASAPI Exclusive output, the weakest links are the DAC and the speakers, not ReClock).
    If you're really paranoid about it you can use the 'Best Sinc' setting which guarantees you'll get quality undistinguishable from the untouched original audio, at the expense of higher CPU usage (not a problem with any 'Core i*' part).
  3. budtz

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    If a movie is changed from 24p to 25p (or the other way around) does that matter? I mean does the amount of resamppling needed affect audio quality?