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    when i mux the main titles of my BDs I always see that there is an DD5.1 ac3 core to the ATMOS track or lower bitrate dts track to the DTS tracks.

    Until now i only ripped the movie with the highest audio track and deleted all the lossier audio tracks and everything worked fine.

    Do I have to preserve the lossier audio tracks or are they only for compatibility reasons for older standalone player?
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    Dts will always have a core audio track. The Dts HD ma extensions are added on top of the core Dts track. Truehd as stored on bd is interleaved with an ac3 track. This is for compatibility, yes. But mkv doesn't allow for interleaved audio so most programs will split it into separate tracks. If your equipment supports Truehd then it's fine to leave out the ac3 track.

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    thx a lot for clarification.