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    I have a homebuilt Intel Corei5 system that I use to rip my disks. It is built on an Asus board that has a built in IntelĀ® HD Graphics 4600 video adapter. I don't use this as a media player in any way and it's not even connected to a TV. I usually access it remotely via RDP etc. All it's used for is as my Plex server and to rip my physical media and "back of the house" stuff.

    CloneBD has pretty much always given me the message that my video drivers are out of date. When I run the Intel upgrade wizard it tells me they are up to date at this version:

    Driver Version20.19.15.5063
    Driver Date10/29/2018

    When I run the Asus utility to check for driver updates it says it's also up to date.

    CloneBD gives me the message that is shown in the attached screen shot. I'm trying to figure out if I'm missing something here or is CloneBD just wrong. If there is a driver update where does it come from if both Intel and the board manufacturer says it is up to date?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Don't worry about it - Intel driver versioning is extremely confusing and CloneBD gets confused.
    Click "don't show again" and forget about it.
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    Well darn. I was hoping you were going to say that there was a better way to get drivers newer than a year old for this thing.....;)
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    You could try the "intel driver & support assistant", but if that thing says you're up to date, and there's no newer version from asusyou're up-to-date. That said i can't find any current or at least 3gen's back motherboards with a built-in GPU like that. At least since the Z170 series it's the CPU that has the GPU. So your system has to be older than that then. In that case, do what Pete says :) Tick the box to "don't show again" enjoy the blissful silence :)
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    Yes, this is my board:

    Asus actually says the latest version is 10.XX. I have 20.XX installed from Intel and that is the latest Intel says is available via their driver assistant.