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Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by Frank, Feb 11, 2012.

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    lolz, thats the same as telling them to go look on the manufacturers site. That one only indexes the different manufacturers sites, nothing more.
  3. Frank

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    Yes, but

    If you expand some of the menus you get a look behind the scenes in the BD business. I found it entertaining and wanted to share it.

    And many users do NOT know how to find the manufacturer's page, BTW.
  4. NOFX

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    Frank. I followed the Link then clicked on > English > "PowerDVD, and all Blu-ray Disc players from CyberLink" which takes you to a (cyberlink) 'check for updates' link. Is this likely to put a Cinavia update in Pre PowerDVD 12 versions?
  5. Frank

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    Good question. Sorry, I have no idea but I tend to doubt it is meant for downwards compatibility.
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    Used Firefox, to bypass active X, looked like it would try to enable Active X and download updates. Used another pc, (call me paranoid) and went one step further using IE, came to this.

    Welcome to the CyberLink Blu-ray Disc Update Center. This site will provide necessary files to update your CyberLink Blu-ray Disc software player.

    Please note this update is critical in order to ensure that your player supports upcoming movie titles. The update is free of charge and we highly
    recommend you to update now.

    Did you notice the alert in the information bar? This update requires ActiveX control to help search for the right update. If you have not installed
    it previously, please select "Install ActiveX Control" to continue.

    Did not click and backed out of the site, very quietly. Sometimes paranoia is good, lol.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    If you update PDVD 12 to any build starting from 12.0.1905 (or higher) it WILL include cinavia

    activeX in itself cannot update installations like that, at most it can download detect a software versiond and installer for that software, which you would have to run manually to update. Unless cyberlink is in the bug exploiting business to forcibly update software without a user's consent
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    I would have "backed out .. very quietly" of the update, too !! Hahhaa :)))

    This update is a (as often termed) "compatibility" or "critical" update.
    If you own PowerDVD 10, I don't think it would allow you to update to PDVD12 latest build, unless your license was an early PDVD12 pre build 12.0.1905 ?

    BUT the update could contain Cinavia. Updates written post Cinavia mandate (2012) may or may not be legally considered new software? Either way it may be cheaper for software vendors to comply than contest. Until someone won’t be bullied, there has to be room for give (a fair go) or tech product stops evolving like DLNA and Media Players right?

    Agreed, Frank :)

    *** Looking forward to Slyce *** When its ready :)