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    Can Clonecd backup Dreamcast games?? I know that sega uses a *.cdi file extension can clonecd recreate the same file extension??
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    CloneCD is intended for 1:1 backups, so it would. However, I don't know if you need a modchip or not for the Dreamcast.
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    No...it can-not and, if you tried, the game would copy so fast
    you have a good feeling your wasting your time :p It would be awesome if SlySoft developed a program for backing up console games but, I don't see that happening ever. If it did, that would be a big challenge.
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    My, my, you have certainly have done your homework on this...
    Okay, I'm gonna try to say this as politely as possible, (I have read the forum rules) please do not be offended...since I don't wanna make a moderator look (I won't say the word), I'm gonna give you a 2 easy options to choose...whichever you choose is the right decision, lets begin: Option #1: Prove me wrong. Option #2: Don't prove me wrong.

    Here is the outcomes: if you do not reply the answer is: don't prove me wrong. If you lock the thread answer is: don't prove me wrong.
    remember: whichever decision you make is always the right decision. ;)
    We are always here to help :)
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    You are right, CloneCD cannot copy original (retail) Dreamcast games, because the DC uses a high density CD-ROM format developed by Yamaha:

    PC drives aren't able to read it (or write it).

    The DC can boot from normal CDs as well, so it *is* possible to create backups, if the DC drive is used to create the image (possible via the ethernet port), and CloneCD certainly can burn such images.
  7. Webslinger

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    Yes, my friend has done this with a large number of his DC games, a long while ago, and he used Clonecd to burn them. The "Utopia Boot cd" is used (for non-selfboot games), and back then a lot of people used a serial cable (but that was slow) to transfer--or used a broadband adaptor, which you mentioned, that replaced the modem on the dreamcast. The material then needs to be adjusted, in some cases, to fit onto a normal cd-r.

    It is, in fact, odd_function, quite possible to produce a backup with Clonecd--if you know what you're doing.

    But if you meant that it's not simple and straightfoward to do, then yes, I agree.
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  8. odd_function

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    Okay, it is possible to duplicate Burned /(copied) Dreamcast games but, the question that was asked was was:

    Using a basic CD-ROM drive...the answer is no. You will need more then that.

    I know this...:agree:
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    Okay, fair enough. You need a serial cable or a broadband adapter. And then, in some cases, you need to remove material or in some cases downsample the audio, or worse, the video, in order to fit the game onto a cd-r.

    It's certainly not a straightforward process; I agree.
  10. odd_function

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    I don't quite understand what your trying to tell me...:D

    Are you suggesting to download a DC image of the internet? :confused:
    If that's that case, what program opens such images?
  11. Webslinger

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    You need a cable to hook to the dreamcast to your PC. You read the data off of the Dreamcast drive. I don't know what else my friend did at that point, but I do know that some DC games couldn't fit onto a cd-r due to the amount of audio and video. So he had to make the audio worse (take up less space).
  12. odd_function

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    ok...I'm starting to understand how this works ;)

    Dreamcast serial cable....ok

    ok...what software do I use to remove the content from the DC game so, it can fit on a 700 mb recordable disc? 8)
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    visit http://forums.megagames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23829 (read the acrobat file posted)

    Also, I recommend posting in those forums should have further questions concerning Dreamcast backups.
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