Dream Theater 20th Anniversary World Tour

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    I have an original store bought copy of "Dream Theater Score 20th Anniversary World Tour", whenever I try to burn a backup copy the best video quality I'm able to obtain is only 41% of the original.The soundtrack is outstanding, but the video quality is almost unwatchable. This DVD is extremely long, with nearly 3 hrs of concert on one disc, so I'm thinking it may have something to do with the way the data was compressed to fit on one disc. Its a Warner Co. DVD in NTSC format and a Company called "Large Lab" also has their name on the label, I'm assuming they have something to do with the copyright protection. Interestingly, I tried to rip the audio track to Mp3 using another program I commonly use to add Mp3 audio to my Mp3 player, and that didn't work out well either. My guess is this company "Large Lab" has done something to cause these headaches for would-be copy-right hackers. On an interesting side note, I rented this DVD from Netflix just to see if their copy would be any better, surprisingly, even their copy of this DVD was awful ! Again only 41% of the original (store bought) copy. Any suggestions/comments ???? :confused:
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    He means question 8.
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    Yes, thanks.
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    Does it have a PCM audio track? This would explain the size problem. If it has a Dolby Digtal and a PCM track, deselect the PCM audio track.