Dragon Age: Origins - 100 hours of gameplay

Discussion in 'PC Gaming Discussion' started by Webslinger, Jul 10, 2009.

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    I bought this game and its excellent port. Hugely improve controls in this game. It is a best version then any other version with high graphics. It is really fantastic game. I think every body should play this game if they like to play game. I really enjoyed it.
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    Dragon Age: Origins wasn't simply ported to the PC which is why it is the best version. One of the reasons that DA:O is better for PC gamers than Mass Effect is because they didn't port it over to the PC like was done with ME.

    I greatly enjoyed ME and I have really never been a fan of many of the fantasy genre of games but DA:O was a stellar game that thoroughly captivated my attention when I was playing. DA:O was by far the better game. With Mass Effect 2 coming out very soon I'll be interested to see how well it will compete with DA:O.
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    great game.... worth to play

    I have also played the game, quite true the graphics are great, and enjoyed playing it. I have recommended to my griends also. :rock: