Draft Day Blu-ray multiple titles

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  1. Viperburkh81

    Viperburkh81 New Member

    Running AnyDVD HD Beta - Draft Day blu-ray showing multiple good playlists. Tried a couple but failed, so not sure which is the correct playlist.

    Would appreciate some guidance on it.


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  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Sorry, 782 should be the right one.
  3. Viperburkh81

    Viperburkh81 New Member

    Pete, Thanks for the help. I'll give that a shot. On preview it looks like that playlist is still scrambled, but will see how it comes out after it processes.
  4. Viperburkh81

    Viperburkh81 New Member

    That ran through perfect on 782. Thanks again for the help.
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