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    This Blu-ray has a mono soundtrack. When I play the disc itself the identical sound comes from both channels. If I make a copy the left channel is okay, but the right channel is silent. Is this a problem with mono soundtracks in general, or just this Blu-ray?
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    When there's a mono track it'll come only of of 1 speaker. Hence the name MONO. Otherwise it's stereo track or artificial stereo (mono track output to 2 or more speakers by the sound system). It can't be a problem with "just blu-ray", that would imply CloneBD handles other formats too. It doesn't. There's a chance i suppose something's "off" with handling mono tracks.
    Please supply a CloneBD logfile.

    Start & Finish an encode of the problematic disc. On the screen where you get the final statistics and cloning result you should see 2 buttons at the top above the statistics. Press the one to create a logfile. Save it, and attach it to your next reply. Then the dev's can take a look.
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    What I meant is whether it's only a problem with this Blu-ray disc or with all mono soundtracks. I've attached the log file. Thanks.

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    @Pete or @Reto can you take a look?

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