Downloaded Video Files do not Show Subtitles on TV, Only on the Computers

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by MCalca1706, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. MCalca1706

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    Downloaded subtitles show on computer (when turned on with VLC Media Player) but not on a Smart TV.

    Astlog files are downloaded with every file. Subtitles play on VLC Player and Power DVD on the computer but will not display on a Samsung 2020 Smart TV from a Flash Drive.
    The Subtitles box is checked before downloading and there are subtitles in the video because they show on computers. I set the TV Player settings to play subtitles.

    I have the same issue with Clone BD created MKV files, no subtitles.
    Is there any way to resolve this problem? Otherwise the downloaded files look and work fine.
  2. tectpro

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    Astlog is not a subtitle.
    Subtitles are either saved as TTML or SRT.
    Either embedded or as extra file.
    Depending how you set it.
  3. Xander

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    If its embedded subbs from AP then you might have a problem on the tv but not VLC, the sub language identify incorrectly.
  4. Mollenoh

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    I'm not all that surprised. The media players built into most modern TVs are usually not very good. I've given up on them a long time ago.

    Have you tried both embedded subtitles, and external .srt-files? Does the instruction manual give any clues on which subtitle format(s) your TV supports?
  5. xCharvelx416

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    Most TV apps aren't going to look for a subtitle that's a separate entity like VLC will do.

    VLC will automatically play any subtitle with the same title as the video.. and will keep loading said subtitle each time you play it (even on repeat).

    However... if you softcode or hardcode a subtitle, VLC acts differently.
    Softcoded you have to turn on/off as needed.
    Hardcoded plays regardless.

    CloneBD (originally) softcoded subs in the MKV format if you chose the option to include them, but hardcoded them in MP4s. Hence why I never purchased the program.. there was no reason it had to hardcode subs... and no, I don't want to hear why it "had" to. I haven't used said app since long ago... so no idea if that's changed.

    If you're looking to play subs on a Smart TV that cannot use VLC.. you may have to re-encode said titles and either soft (turn on/off options) or hardcode them so they are always on. Handbrake comes to mind. In that app, hardcoding is a check box called "Burn In". Burned in subs are hardcoded.

    If your TV can support VLC, use that app, load the subs into the same folder as the video and live happy ever after. :)
  6. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your helpful replies. Thank you especially to xCharvelx416 for the detailed explanation.

    I just checked Any Stream's settings again and changed Subtitles from Embedded to SRT (which I am familiar with from YouTube downloads which do show up on our TV's.) Hopefully this will show up on the TV. For whatever reason the only downloads (no matter which downloader used) which shows subtitles on both the computer and TV are from You Tube.

    Next time I use Clone BD to create a video file, I will try MP4 instead of MKV for hardcoded subtitles to see if that works on the TV.

    Handbrake was mentioned as a way to burn in subtitles. Can it or other video converters be used to convert or hardcode subtitles?

    Not having subtitles show on the TV is a real pain in the neck! We always watch the downloaded videos on TV's. I plan to email Samsung to see if they can shed any light on this problem and check the TV manual Again. The Samsung TV File Player has options for subtitles and it is set to on.

    Someone mentioned VLC on the TV, is there such an app? Am I the only one who wants subtitles of downloaded videos to play on a TV?

    Thank You all again for your helpful replies and Be Safe.
  7. xCharvelx416

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    I can't speak for other video converters...but to hardcode, or burn in your subs.. that option should present itself within the app.

    That was me. I was under the impression you were using some kind of third party app to watch your movies on the TV.

    It might be possible to stream your movies from your PC to your TV over your local network... to which I have not done. Our main TV, though connected to the network is also run by an HTPC.

    Give this a go.. see if it at least gets you started. (otherwise, this discussion will end up in Third Party Apps section here)

  8. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for the helpful comments and suggestions.
    I did a deep dive into researching subtitles and I was able to get subtitles on the TV using VLC Media Player to edit the settings. I changed any Stream to download subtitles in SRT format which I am familiar with from YouTube downloads. Once the subtitile settings were set and saved in VLC they played on the TV.
    Now I have to try with the Any Stream downloads that are embedded.

    I had a long chat with a Samsung rep which didn't help much. I found the settings in the Samsung TV in Menu, Settings, under accessibility but subtitles have to be turned on in VLC first.

    for some reason they are set to disable by default.

    Steps to edit subtitles in VLC:
    Play Video in VLC
    Tools Then Preferences
    Subtitles /OSD
    Check Enable Subtitles
    Type English for preferred Subtitle language
    Make any other needed changes here
    Then save

    I hope this helps someone who like me really wants subtitles on their Flash Drive Videos.
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    I’m very interested in trying this, but the VLC I have doesn’t have a simple Save button. It has a way to convert/save a video to a destination. But it doesn’t seem to do anything for the video currently playing. There’s no updated video and when I plug in the thumb drive, there still aren’t subtitles. Are there different versions of VLC?