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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Manfred Simonet, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Hi,
    I'm currently testing AnyStream with a trial license.
    What I'm experiencing all the time is that the download usually starts quite nice, but then after a while somehow "pauses" showing no progress. Usually it continues again and even finalizes the download, but one episode that has about 45 minutes takes 2 hours or more to be fully downloaded.
    I'm pretty sure this is not an issue with my connection, as the bandwidth is not fully used, and even my kids sometimes both stream filmes the same time having no issues at all.
    Logs attached, hope you can help.

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  2. TubeBar

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    I actually never used the trial as I just went ahead and purchased it but don't think that matters. Did you change the default speed settings? 1x is dead slow, I have been using unlimited and speed does vary but usually pretty fast.
  3. I did change it after my post to give it a try, but it shows the same behaviour. It started quite fast, and after 26% now it pauses already for some minutes.
  4. This might sound as and might even be a stupid question;but does it view OK the standard way via web browser or an XBOX/Android/xxx app? The exact same episode?
  5. Yes, it does. And it happens with every episode I try. We even tried on three different devices, connected via WIFI or cable. All the time the same behaviour.
    To be complete, the very first episode I downloaded was quite in expected time. Afterwards I always experienced the same behaviour.
  6. DannyBoi

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    because your internet is slow lol
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  7. would be nice if it would be so easy...
    always great to get such helpful comments
  8. 0x0x0x0x0

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    browsers and vendor apps use bitrate ladder to adjust bitrate for the speed that you can achieve, AS picks out the highest bitrate, which may be unattainable in your case. Very much depends on the quality of the link you have, and what else you are doing online at the time.
  9. DannyBoi

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    lol its faster than the other way to download from them :)
  10. PluggerOfButts

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    Never had a problem with DL speeds.
  11. Xander

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    Same behavier from both vendors?
  12. Kamala

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    i have paid for a lifetime license and i have kinda noticed similar issues, as the topic starter said...
    for certain reasons, as the authors of the software stated... decryption more or less happens on their site, to make it harder to reverse engineer their software (aka,to crack), but....
    when i'm on a 1Gbps dedicated cable, i do know it's not a problem at my end for me getting 300-400kb/downloads from amazon, when i tested and could download the same video encrypted at 20mb++/sec ..
    imho, if you gonna pass stuff thru your site to "protect your software", make sure you also have the bandwidth, to support all the paying customers..
    there is no need to get too schizo about your software and "your protection" ..
    widevine LV3 decrypter (<<<< report link... no warez..) was available to anyone on github,until google just made DMCA notices to github about it...
    i do understand u make such stuff for trial users, but when i have paid for it, i expect i get downloads at my native speed, and not thru your (limited) slow servers. :p

    edit: its good the stuff is gone from github...
    in general, the best would show you the decryption keys you need, you download the video encrypted (with any downloader which can spot something is playing...) ... and run a command line command for ffmpeg (which the plugin would tell you).. which would decrypt the video on the fly while saving it..
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  13. 0x0x0x0x0

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    Do you have download throttle set to real-time?
  14. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    @Kamala Content decryption is performed on your machine.