Question Download Speed: UNLIMITED | Is there a real risk of getting banned?.

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by pitoloko, Dec 4, 2022.

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    For me it is normal. During a download, I can get speeds from 5MB/s to 35MB/s. Last night doing two downloads, it was running from 5MB/s to 28MB/s, just running up and down. Since my download speed tests are always up, I attribute the ups and downs to AP or whichever site I am downloading them from.
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    Just to expand on what RedFox1 stated...what you see first is the program determining what streams it needs to get and then downloading each stream and subs (they are still encrypted). At the end, you'll see the delay as it is decrypting all the and video...and assembling them into their separate streams. After this, it then joins the Audio, Video and Subtitles if you have any. If you have used mkvtoolnix, you'll see this in action. Small files are fast and big files are slower.
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    They might well be disinclined to go to the effort so long as the premium 4K content cannot be downloaded.

    But it seems unlikely they would not notice odd viewing habits as a result of episodes registering as only partly watched (an entire season of partially watched episodes in one evening after a high-speed batch download).

    It might even be the case that high-speed downloads look no different than the high-speed downloads that occur with the offline local copy feature they provide.

    Another consideration is that few people are going to buy enough storage to download and keep everything in full HD, so they may also see it as a good bet most people are time-shifting (or making portable) temporary copies for the most part. Especially if you routinely download a title to view on a PC or a device then later stream it on the lounge TV (if you kept a copy, why would you need to stream it again a month later?). In my case, I get far better video/sound playback quality on my PC using a temporary local copy than I do with the official apps, which seems to be fair use in principle if not in letter.
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    In my opinion it wouldn't take much for them to ban people based on this. Why tempt the fates? Why download more than 24 hours of content in a 24 hour period? I am guessing they might look at total data transferred as opposed to actual time.

    As far as actual speed, what if I had a massive prefetch buffer set on my browser? That would come in at a very high speed, right?
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    How much impact and/or protection does the VPN provide you? Will the provider will still see their files leaving their streaming servers, correct? I have just started using this product and it is outstanding....I like the statement on how it can be fun!

    I do have a tech question and I hope I am not abusing this opportunity here....I am new at this. I will download maybe 2-3 seasons and all of a sudden I get the red error msg (download aborted) with "see error log" for details. I am finding out that my network connection (now a earth symbol on taskbar) has been corrupted. The only way is to reboot and then bam, I'm back at it. Any suggestions on why it happens on cat5 and WiFi. Thanks for your time and all Y'ALL do! Win 11 Pro, Running AS, v1.4.8.0....just upgraded today to v1.4.9.0.

    I see a lot of requirements that I need to upload a log file....can do, if needed. Just want to be clear I provide the actual info needed....where would the log file be located?
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    First...never be afraid to ask anything.
    Upper Left Corner, click file and you'll see create log file.
    I downloaded over 800 episodes from Amazon yesterday...didn't get banned.
    If you are downloading with the intent on uploading them elsewhere...that could cause you problems.
    In my experience, you'll trip a error on WiFi more often than Ethernet, but both will happen. It could be your own network
    or your ISP. If you need to reboot your computer, chances you overloaded it's ability to keep up. No big could slow downloads a little
    or just fix the error when it happens. Glitches do just happen also.

    If you are downloading something you have a right to paid don't have a lot to worry about. Most providers use CDN's that serve millions
    of people...not a lot to worry about. A VPN will protect you from your ISP seeing what you are uploading if you do that, but I think the question remains on
    whether or not the provider knows what you are downloading. If you look at your watched normally won't see shows listed that you
    downloaded and you don't actually ask the provider for a decryption key. they have records showing what IP download each file...Probably. Can they
    tell if a file you downloaded was uploaded, probably yes on that just enjoy and use it as it was intended...for your own personal use.
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