Download 1080p with HDR in mp4 + bug on Netflix with subtitle.

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by rosmander, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Hi, I have a lifetime license of the program since I think it is a great job and it is very comfortable. But I do not understand how in some series mp4 without hdr lowers, when it is possible to obtain it with hdr. In the case of the lady's gambit series, I am able to download encrypted videos from netflix without anystream from the browser and decrypt them, and when downloading said video the resulting mp4 has according to mediainfo HDR, wouldn't it be possible for anystream to do the same? As I say, I have a lifetime license for convenience, since doing all this in a traditional way is complete madness. I hope they take it into account for future versions.

    It has also happened to me with version that I have downloaded chapter 1 of lady gambit in Spanish from Spain E-AC3 5.1 640kbps and full and forced subtitles in Spanish, however, the full Spanish subtitle is not downloaded by the program , I only lower the forced one, I don't know if it will be a failure of it and they could review it. This only happens if I select the external subs in srt, if I put them to be embedded in the video if I get them both in tx3g format. With what I imagine is a bug in this version of the program. Hope they can fix the problem.

    Thank you all for your attention.
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    only 1 subtitle track when selecting 2 of the same language is a known issue (and plenty topics about it in the forums). It's on the to-do list. HDR is an extension to the UHD video, anystream is limited to what the provider tells it it can download. While there are 1080p titles with HDR info, the provider still needs to make them available to anystream.
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    I already told you that with the lady gambit series it is possible to obtain the video in mp4 in 1080p with hdr, since Netflix already gives that option in that series, I tell you because I can download it whenever I want through the browser and pass it to you so that you see what I say is true, so I was wondering if it is not possible for anystream to do the same with "few" titles that already leave hdr in 1080p on Netflix. As for what you tell me about the transmission by the provider, the hdr can be used from the same microsoft edge browser, it is not necessary to even use the native windows app. Greetings and thanks for your attention.
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    and i already told you its an EXTENSION. The provider still has to make it available to anystream. What you see in your native apps/OS browsers is irrelevant.
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    Hello again, sorry if I have bothered or offended you at any time, my English is very poor, I use google translator which is as poor as my English, and when I translate things wrong, there are things that you are telling me that I do not understand what you really want to tell me.

    For colleagues who have the problem on Netflix of the subtitles of the same language that do not download more than the forced ones, tell them to download Netflix while they solve the problem, with the subtitles embedded, and then remove them from the mp4 with the program "ccextractor" the subtitles in srt format of said mp4, is something instantaneous and will have a momentary solution for this problem.

    I hope to help everyone that is what we are here for and apologize if something is not understood because of the translator. Thank you all.

    PS: Excuse me again "Ch3vr0n" for lack of understanding.
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    no worries, not everyone is fluent in english ;)