Down Convert HDs?

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  1. Dicky2

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    Can you tell me if the super great update to AnyDVD will process HDDVDs so that they can be burned to regular single layer DVD discs?

    So, I can save new versions of old movies or whatever?

    Thanks for the great new processor!!!! I will get it.... eventually.

    Dick Rominger II
  2. roog

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    Just get the regular DVDs and save yourself a lot of trouble.
  3. Dicky2

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    Yea, I figured that:]

    Yea, I figured that would be the logical thing, but anticipating the future.... DVDs will probably get harder to get, also I expect old stuff/movies will get updated and only on the new media. That is why I am wondering if scraping off HDDVD/BlueCrap discs would be possible. I do not intend going the new HD route, so I will be keeping my old stuff going, FOREVER!

    Thanks for the help [attitude?;]

  4. Faye

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    I think this is too early to be worrying about it. By the time this is actually an issue (you can't get some *new* films on one or other format at the moment) it'll be a lot easier to archive it for those who don't care about the higher resolution.

    At the moment it's early adopter time, and those people are largely after eye candy for their big hi-res screens. They see downscaling as defeating the purpose.

    I believe there's a tool which can demultiplex streams from EVO files. The Video codecs are all around... Not sure about changing the HD Audio formats into DD... then a tool will come out to stitch it all together for you automatically... it's still a bit away I think.
  5. roog

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    My speculation is that the film industry will try to move to download only somewhere in the future.
  6. therivetman

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    back them up

    You'd be well advised to copy them to your hardrive and then back up the directory onto single layer disks...that'll preserve them as you want...ATI makes an excellent tool for making does nero
  7. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    You can't always look at the past to see the future but as you said I think the process will be slow enough that it doesn't make a huge deal.

    Up until more recently you could still get VHS tapes from Blockbuster for rental and Walmart still sold VHS tapes. How long have DVDs been around? Quite awhile and you can pick up standalone DVD players for like $30 these days.

    This is definitely the early adoption time along with the insane costs that go with it. I know the specs have been ratified for DVD-HD and Blu-Ray but I am hoping to wait until they shake out everything and see how many problems they discover in real world use.

    (1) Look at the issue with the drives for computers when it comes to Blu-Ray. Some don't burn DL? Why not? Why would a manufacturer release one that didn't and why would anyone spend the money on it? I sure wouldn't for the prices they're asking.

    (2) Look at the issues with some Blu-Ray discs that have been released. I've heard and seen some god awful releases. They promote it as the next great thing and then have the nerve to release a bad quality release when Blu-Ray is still in its infancy? This is when they should be releasing stunning quality releases to make people want to get a Blu-Ray player and movies!

    (3) HD-DVD discs haven't been 100% perfect either.

    So, in short, I don't think anyone has to worry about DVDs going extinct for awhile and by then the HD-DVD and BR standalone players and PC players/burners will have dropped in price. And, if you wait long enough, you'll probably be able to get a nicely priced combo unit that handles all CD formats, DVD formats, HD-DVD formats and BR formats.

    Down-converting HD to non-HD would be counter-productive, IMO, but I do understand that one of the selling points of HD/BR will be that they have features and extras that no old DVD release will ever have. So be it. That isn't enough to cause me concern.

    PS: I quoted you, Faye, because I agree with what you said. I also went on to ramble about other stuff. :)
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  8. Dicky2

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    Thanks for the Help!

    Thanks all youz guys! I didn't expect to cause such an interest:] I was only wondering if SlyDudes were considering such a down convert idea. And if the upgrade would do me any good, since I am NOT an HD person. I like
    Wide-Screen though.

    I have too much invested in OLD-World to trash it all. I have several nice/expensive & large regular monitor/TVs, as well as many super feature VCRs, and extremely involved interfaces to my computer system that I will
    not go HD in my life time [I am knocking on 70 year's door]. I have been in the service/technology/digital/AV/computer world business since DOS/DRDOS versions1.1 and miss them!! :] And I am aghast at how the movie industry, in kahoots with OUR government, has trashed every single piece of entertainment equipment that has ever been sold in the US! I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way, but I guess we are the 'Silent Majority'... huh?

    To whit... I was 'just wondering', not trying to start pugilistic conflict:] I believe by the sound of all this that SlyDudes have their collective 'ears to the ground' and will jump on this when deemed essential. So, I am not worried, but interested sincerely. As I have been with Nero since version 2, I am well equipped to deal with anything out-there:] And will be keeping up with it all.

    Thanks for ALL the well versed input y'all!!!

    Just an old fool,

  9. DetroitBaseball

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    SlyDudes, lol.
  10. roog

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    Are there any SlyBabes?
  11. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I hope so! ;)
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Your question was a very valid one. No worries about a debate. You asked the question and I just threw out a few things that were on my mind. I could very easily be wrong on my opinions.

    I think we have a bit of time before HD-DVD and Blu-Ray get done drawing blood from each other. Until then we have the old school DVD that we can sit back and relax with. Even when a clear winner might raise its hand in victory the old school DVD will still be around for quite awhile, IMO.

    And, btw, you are far from a fool! :)
  13. Dicky2

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    Hey!! I hadn't even thought of that one!!!! My interest has been peaked beyond reality!

    I will be looking at SlyDuds/Babes with a different attitude from now on:]

    Dreams have defiantly been seriously affected!! Maybe SlyDudes will come out with a Calendar someday? Possibly a HDDVD? That would be a true inducement for the format! Truely!

  14. roog

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    We need a response from a SlyDude Team Member regarding this issue.
  15. James

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    Yes, there are. :agree:
  16. Peer

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    If there weren't, our job wouldn't be worth continuing - you don't even begin to understand, how important SlyBabes(tm) are for you SlySoft customers 8)