Double Layer vs Single Layer (8gb vs 4gb)

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    Is there any advantage to using a dl blank disk as copy medium vs single layer? Does AnyDVD(Clone DVD) take advantage of the fact that your using a blank medium with twice the writing size? Since AnyDVD as I've read, just removes the encryption from my movies and most of my movies are greater then 4.7g, is AnyDVD in the background not doing any compression?
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    anydvd doesnt do any compression, all it does is remove the protections so u can extract/copy the dvd. the advantage to using a DL disc is u do not lose any video quality. its an exact 1:1 copy. the disadvantage as of right now is that DL discs r still expensive. but if money is no problem for u, i would use DL disc instead of transcoding your movie. a DL dvd+r is best one to use, cuz u can set the booktype to dvd-rom which will make it most compatible with your standalone dvd players.
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    Clonedvd does, yes. I prefer using Clonecd: click
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    Also, if you use Clonecd with Verbatim+R DL blank media you can preserve the original layer break position. You can't when using -R DL blank media.
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    I backed up Transformers (around 7gb) on a single layer and dual. Viewed on a 61" HD TV using a HD DVD player with upconversion and could barely tell the difference.

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