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Does Clonedvd2 have title compression options?


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Feb 4, 2007
On DVDs with alot of "STUFF", It would be nice to backup a movie with previews and special features on a single layer DVD with the movie with little compression ( better quality) and everything else at a higher compression (lowest quality). I just don't like to eliminate title sets to make the movie a better quality. Let's be able to adjust the individual title sets to get the best of both worlds.
The answer to the subject of your thread is no.

Nero Recode and Shrink do this, but not Clonedvd2.

You can do a full disc rip with Clonedvd2, and then load that rip into either Shrink or Recode if you wish. Shrink and Recode will not retain full menus across split discs, however.