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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by egale, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. egale

    egale Member

    My machine was affected by the clonedvd mobile crash as soon as you tried to select the video-ts file. I tried all the suggestions but my 30 days ran out and that was that.

    I now have a new machine and would like to try this program again but don't want to waste my 30 days. Has anyone who had a similar problem found it is correct now in this version?
  2. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you mean that you rip to the HD then select the video-ts folder, if that's the case no problem. That's exactly how I make my backups for PSP, cell phone and PDA and never had a single issue.
  3. egale

    egale Member

    I had the problem both ways. Didn't matter if I ripped to hard drive first or went right from dvd. The program crashed as soon as you selected file on hard drive or dvd.
  4. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what your problem was, but I've been using DVDmobile for a long time through several revisions and never have seen this issue. Go ahead and go for it, works great.
  5. egale

    egale Member

    My original posts were about the problem I had with Dude Where's My Car. After that I found most DVDs wouldn't work. I would love to try it again but once you pass the 30 day trial, you are sunk. You can't even try a new version or fix.

    If the trial was a limited use trial and I could see if it was going to work or not, I would give it a shot but I don't want to waste my one bullet so to speak.

    If somebody who had the same problem now has it fixed, I will give it a shot, otherwise, I'll wait some more.
  6. Yakuza965

    Yakuza965 Guest

    I'm afraid to say this update still doesn't fix that problem. I'm convinced it's something to do with the menus becuase, for me at least, if you rip the disc using CloneDVD2 and uncheck the keep menu box, then it will load into CloneDVD Mobile without it crashing immediately you select the VOB. That's how I've been getting around this problem.
  7. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    Is the problem specific to that title? I can't seem to duplicate the crash?
  8. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I too am unable to reproduce this problem. It seems to be an isolated problem, that very few have.
    So it would be the best approach for those to compare their system "specialties" to find out what kind of component might cause this.

    So far I think one prerequisite seems to be Vista? Can anyone confirm that? (I tried it on Vista64, no problem, though).
  9. egale

    egale Member

    My old machine was Vista as is the new one. There were more titles than not that had the problem. It wasn't one specific title though.

    Haven't even attempted to use it with the new machine. I'm not going to purchase something that may not work for me and I am not going to waste my 30 day trial if this version doesn't work.

    Is there any type of debug mode the program can be run in so that if it does crash, there is at least a dump or log file to send in?
  10. Yakuza965

    Yakuza965 Guest

    I've had the problem with Vista 32 bit. It's not with 100% of discs, in fact I seem to have mainly had it with discs of TV series. However, when you have a disc that has a problem, it occurs 100% of the time, it's not an intermittent bug. You can try the same disc loads of times and you always have the same problem. It occurs whether or not you load direct from the disc or not. I've tried ripping with DVD Decrypter, the AnyDVD ripper and CloneDVD2. All still have the same problem trying to load the ripped files. The only way I've found to stop it is to rip the disc using clonedvd and uncheck preserve menus, then rip it. It works fine then.

    As for a debug mode, I don't know personally if that exists in CloneDVD mobile, but I've posted the details of the Vista crash log in a previous thread about this problem - here

    That's from a previous version of CloneDVD mobile, because I don't have the laptop that's causing problems to hand right now, but I can update these to be current if that would help?

    I can't see what would intefere with just CloneDVDmobile and only on certain DVDs?!
  11. i1patrick

    i1patrick New Member

    Here's how to get UNSUNK. Buy the damn software. You've already used the free thirty days they offered you. Either stop using their software or purchase a copy.


    I don't work for Slysoft, but I am in the software industry. It bothers me when people do this. Sorry for the rant.
  12. egale

    egale Member

    Hmmm. The version I tried didn't work. I spent my trial period emailing support, sending files, trying a bunch of suggestions that didn't help. In the end, all I got was a we can't recreate the problem have a nice day.

    Now a new version is released. Has the problem been finally fixed? I don't know. I can't try because I spent my trial period trying to debug a piece of defective software that never worked. Should I buy it now? Hmmm, didn't work before, no guarantee it will work now. What kind of idiot would buy a piece of software that isn't going to work?

    Do you create software that doesn't work and insist people buy it? I hope not. If Slysoft can't recreate the problem, they should at least have a version of trialware that would allow you to test whether the software works or not. So what Slysoft has done is release a version of software that doesn't work on alot of machines and then effectively told their potential customers that we won't let you try our software ever again unless you buy it. And also if you do buy it and it doesn't work, too bad, no refund.

    I am not asking for free software. I am asking to be allowed to try the software to make sure it works. If that sounds wrong to you, YOU have a problem!
  13. i1patrick

    i1patrick New Member

    I agree with you that there is a problem that Slysoft has been unable to fix (yet). The fact that you found one DVD title with some strange encryption method that only seems to affect a small number of people sharing whatever is particularly strange about YOUR configuration, is no reason to call their software defective. They are not CAUSING these DVDs to be encrypted and cheat consumers out of their fair use rights. They are trying to DEFEAT said encryptions to restore consumers' rights.

    Their software is pretty impressive to me. I've tried it on several DVDs in the few weeks since I BOUGHT it and have only had one problem so far. (Is Dude Where's My Car? the only DVD you own? If so, my sympathies.)
  14. egale

    egale Member

    It was not one title but many. Actually more titles than not did NOT work. AND, every other similar type product by other authors did NOT crash. So, this is not a DVD specific problem but a programming problem. I understand that but I certainly am not going to invest in something that is known not to work for me. A different type of demo would get me to buy when the problem is fixed. Now I just don't buy. Does this problem affect only a small number of people? I don't know, how do you know? What percentage of the people that try the demo actually buy? Maybe 90% of the people who try the demo have problems, don't buy and don't bother to contact the author. Maybe they just purchase something else that works. I don't know the numbers so I won't even try and guess.

    By the way, glad your Sponge Bob and Pokemon DVDs converted ok!