Do rips now play direct from the hard drive with Arcsfot or PowerDVD ?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by jamieuk147, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. jamieuk147

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    Sorry guys been a way from the forums for a good few months. I remember there wasnt any way to watch rips via the hard drive as the software wouldnt allow it.

    have things changed with the latest software
  2. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    No, but everyone is transitioning to ISOs. Just get Daemon Tools Lite and ImgBurn and you're all set to go. It takes a while to convert your previous rips, but I prefer mounting movies with Daemon Tools over playing them from a folder because it's easier to do than navigating to the file with PowerDVD 3319a. Also, you don't have to map network drives in order to play HD DVDs from them.

    When doing a new ISO rip, I recommend turning AnyDVD HD off so you get an unencrypted copy of the disc. That way future versions of AnyDVD HD can be applied without having to re-rip.
  3. paul2642

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    i have powerdvd 8 and i can play blu-ray movies from my hdd i just click the my movies collection button then drag and drop the movie into powerdvd and it plays perfectly
  4. hlkc

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    Hold on... when you mean "my movies" I assume you mean, MyMovies, a 3rd party add on VMC program that launch PDVD8, right? In the MM Collection Management UI, then you can choose what format to play such as File, Folder, Changer... right? we can sure do ISO as file, but I doubt you can choose folder since PDVD disable the play from HDD function after 3319a not to mention it is V8, we're talking about here. Correct me if I am wrong.

    If you can play files not ISO, what version/build of PDVD8 do you have?
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  5. davinleeds

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    With TMT I am playing HDDVD rips by HD DVD Dycrypter and ANY DVD HD. I am playing BD ISOs by ImgBurn with Deamon and ANY DVD HD. I just ripped I am Robot BD with Any and by clicking on the BDMV it plays. So to the OP , in some fashion, all is playable from HDD.
  6. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    If you need to convert folders to ISOs, check my signature for a guide that contains a script to run against your folders to automagically convert them to ISO. It can be done in batch, as well.
  7. captain_video

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    I'm not sure where you go the notion that everyone is converting their rips to isos because it just isn't true, especially not based on the few random posts I've seen on the topic here and in other forums. I play back my rips from folders or individual files that contain just the main movie. PowerDVD 3104a or 3319a are the versions that are used for playing back ripped discs from folders on your hard drive. Newer versions of PDVD don't allow you to do this. Nero Showtime 4 that comes with Nero 8 also works well for playback of individual files with the HD plug-in. I haven't tried using Arcsoft yet since I already have plenty of working codecs and don't see the need to clutter up my HTPC with another one.

    I feel just the opposite about using isos. Having to mount the image using Daemon tools and then unmounting it when I'm done is a nuissance, IMHO, but YMMV. I have all of my disc rips on an unRAID server and have them all set up as shares so all of my HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movies show up in a single folder. You only have to map the folder one time and set it up to reconnect at logon. You still have to select the source of the movie for playback in PowerDVD so whether you select an individual folder, file, or virtual disc the process is the same. If I want to select a different movie I don't have to unmount the current image in Daemon Tools and then mount a different one. I just select the different file or folder in PDVD and I'm up and running. Isos also take up more disc space than the original folders and stripping out just the main movie as an indivudal file can save you as much as 50% of the required storage capacity compared to an iso image, which is valuable hard drive real estate considering the size of BD movies. If using isos is what floats your boat then knock yourself out. I just don't see them as being more practical or convenient. I suppose if you don't mind the extra steps and have unlimited storage capacity then it doesn't matter.
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  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    The problem with this is you've resigned yourself to using an old version of PowerDVD forever. That's great if you're going to remaster every movie that refuses to play in that version so that you get a movie only copy with no menu. I prefer a fully functional backup myself so I use ISOs that allow me to use the latest PowerDVD version.

    Also, this whole concept of mounting and unmounting, I don't know where you got that idea. I use Virtual CloneDrive. I simply click on an ISO file and it mounts. If an ISO was already mount, it simply mounts the new file I clicked on over it. No complicated process involved. If you're using Daemon Tools, use FastMount2 for the same kind of concept.

    If you're happy with folders, that's fine. Some of us aren't. (I wouldn't go so far as to say everyone's switching to ISO, but, there are quite a few. Especially now that we've written the script to make it really simple to convert folders->ISOs)
  9. thedatman

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    I also am not ripping to ISO. I have been trying to get more info before I tried it. I like being able to remux into a smaller folder,saves hard drive space.

    also my equipment is in a different room. I can use a hand held wireless mouse and change movies from the couch. The last post made it sound like mounting and unmounting ISO rips I would not be able to do from the couch. So far out of 2 dozen movies my wife has let me buy all have worked and can play from HDD. My only problem has been I have not been able to remux the MLP audio track on a few films. I'm still looking for help for that.
  10. roog

    roog Well-Known Member

    Captain Video, you're right, I shouldn't have said everyone, however the list of movies that can't be played with PDVD7 3319a is growing and will continue to do so. This is going happen to 7.3 as well because Cyberlink will not continue to update it now that 8 is out.

    With the free version of Daemon Tools you can mount 4 movies and set it to remount them upon restart. There are scripting tools that will allow you to automatically mount movies when you click on an icon for them. You never have to unmount a movie because when you mount a new one the old one is automatically replaced. It's obvious that you have never tried playing a HD DVD from another computer on a network, using play from hard drive, because it's a real PITA.

    I have also tried Nero Showtime and TMT and, IHMO, neither of them work as well as PDVD 3319a and above. Also, both of them require faster graphics cards and CPUs than PDVD in order to run successfully thus leaving some people out the game.

    Sorry Samuri, but I can't advocate using Virtual CloneDrive yet because it doesn't support Vista 64. I use Vista 64 because of the memory limitations in Vista 32 and XP.

    FYI, for anyone who wants to upgrade from Vista 32 to 64, Microsoft offers an upgrade disc for 10 USD.
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  11. SamuriHL

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    roog, the list of movies that can't be played with 3319a is growing *IF* you make the assumption that they're not going to remux them into a movie only copy. Once you do that, it'll play just fine. If that's the method they wish to use, 3319a will continue to work quite well for them. It's only if you prefer to keep menus and extras that you'll run into problems with an older version of PowerDVD. Also, you won't get the updated audio quality from PowerDVD 8 by sticking to an older version of PowerDVD 7. (Well, you CAN, but, it's a pain and requires you have both 8 and 7 installed and replacing an ini file in 7 to point to the codecs of 8, but, that's rather ugly)

    Anyway, if they're happy with folders that's all good. No reason to change something that works!!