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    This is my second forum post today. The first post did receive one comment and then it vanished. I'm not sure which rule I broke.

    I'll include more detail this time.

    I'm in the process of transcoding a Television series that I own on Blu-ray. I'm on the fifth disc of many. The first four discs worked fine.

    Today, when I attempted to "rip video disc to harddisk" the fifth disc I received the error, "Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!"

    I checked my bind (DNS) server logs and noticed that AnyDVD is attempting to perform DNS resolution for the subdomain "key.redfox.bz". When I manually open of a bash shell and attempt to query public DNS servers I get no value.

    Perhaps RedFox has retired the subdomain key.redfox.bz? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. coopervid

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    Maybe being less rude like in your first post would help. BDs are usually not that difficult to decrypt. AnyDVD will check online if this disc is known and if not it will use a brute force attack. However, in your case your disc may just be dirty and needs cleaning.
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    I've re-tried discs that have already passed with the same problem. The software (AnyDVD HD) is attempting to make an http POST to key.redfox.bz and since it cannot resolve an IP address to key.redfox.bz the software is failing with an error.
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    Feel free to delete this post as well.
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    Feel free to become more polite :)
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    There may be an issue with the your connection to the online database. Try again later.
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    Or something is blocking AnyDVD's internet access, but hey that's why we need that logfile

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    Yes a logfile would be very helpful LOL
  10. Ivan

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    Are you still using SlySoft AnyDVD (e.g. AnyDVD7695, last version for SlySoft licenses from RedFox ) or are you using a current RedFox AnyDVD?
  11. James

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    key.redfox.bz is retired. Please update your AnyDVD version.