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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ZeroSugar, Aug 22, 2021.

  1. ZeroSugar

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    I asked about this during the AS+ development phase and was told wait and see. I have done both now so will re-ask.

    Given that there are now 5 providers, it seems as if it might be an acceptable idea to increase the DL quota. I don't know if it is possible or not but, having a separate DL limit for the plus providers might be a workable idea.
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  2. HAMsmoke

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    This thread should be closed. I can't tell you how many people after you have harped on the same question. Answered many times all to people's displeasure. While one may say never say never - this request is as close to never as you can get. Do a search rather than reopen this mess. Warning - it may take a few hours to go through all the posts.
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    Now, now. Play nice. Take your moderator hats off.
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  5. ZeroSugar

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    I did do a search but, like most people, didn't see anything pop to the surface so reposted. Thanks for answering my question, albeit in not the friendliest way I could have hoped for, you were still informative.
  6. Blurayfan

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    There is one major differrence to this thread than all the others that asked. This one is asking now that Plus is released will limit be increased for Plus licenses. That does seem like a reasonable question to ask to me. However i don't believe it will be.
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  7. tdfrgsn

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    The fact that nothing has been done about it despite the many, many threads about the issue is probably why people keep bringing it up.
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  8. Sally Leon

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    You're not a moderator and you'll never be one. Stop power tripping with no power lol. Any random person gets shunned for mentioning this reasonable request & threads closed despite no dev response. What's hilarious is it's the same few people who hate this topic so much that they're personally offended by anyone mentioning it. Is "tokens" a trigger word for you? Tokens, tokens, tokens. More tokens.
  9. HAMsmoke

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    That's fine - I don't wish to be one. And it's not that any of these things bother me, at least the first or second time I read about it, but after 20 times, it gets old. Let's compare two threads - 1) More tokens please, and 2) Where is that series download feature? Thread 1 has been categorically denied. The terms of purchase are outlined at 280 per week maximum. Everyone who buys a license buys into that. It reminds me of the little girl asking grandma for a cookie before dinner. However, thread 2 has been noted as being considered, and there is a presumption at this point that this feature request will be honored. When exactly, is the question. While I wouldn't bother to ask as Redfox simply won't tell, I do understand that other people are not so patient.

    BTW - if you read the last thread about the "token issue", you will find that it gets rather ugly. It's more like poking at a hornet's nest. This really is not what this forum is about.
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    You are right HAMsmoke, and although you do not wish to be a Mod I think you would make an excellent Moderator. You are bright and very friendly, I am surprised you even acknowledged a nasty post like that. There will not be any more tokens than there are today. So please don't let this bother you. You are capable and able to be whatever you choose to be. Don't ever let a nasty post get you to the point where you even acknowledge it.
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