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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Zoidberg, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Forgive me if I am not doing this correctly or jumping the gun

    - note this is not a complaint but an attempt to help the program if there are things in the log file that can help development

    Title: - Django Unchained
    Provider - Netflix
    Download Res - 1080p (I believe)
    Speed - Unlimited
    Other movies download - yes no issues
    Internet speed - 25mbs consistent

    Symptoms - title begins to down usually get to the 80 or 90ish% completion and then the pop up saying the download is complete displays stating download is complete.

    Results - Upon checking the movie for quality and completeness (which I do for all downloaded content) find the movie stops playing video before the but the audio appears to keep going for a time

    Edit - I have tried this title multiple times now -- probably 3 times with the same results

    Log file is attached


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  2. Zoidberg

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    Wondering if I should try this with the Beta version as it states this:

    • improved: Extended Netflix logging.
    • improved: Set 30 seconds timeout for stream fragment downloader. Should prevent hanging with poor network conditions.
    Once my current downloads finish I'll uninstall release version and install the beta and retry things :)
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    There's no need to uninstall. As with every redfox/elby product you can just install over the top.

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    Cheers :thankyou:
  5. Prospere

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    Any VPN soft in between?
  6. Zoidberg

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    None at all -- Thanks for taking a look .. I'm installing the beta version as we speak and will report back -- it will take a while at my slower speeds :)
  7. Zoidberg

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    oh an to note I downloaded "Project Power" from Netflix right after failed and it just finished fine -- for reference if it helps
  8. Prospere

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    I asked about VPN as there are way too many network failures in the log file, including the HTTP Forbidden status code.
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    no worries at all -- what I will do it tomorrow I'll swap my internet connections around -- the PC that AS is registered to is connected to a TP-Link A7 router, that gets its internet connection from a peplink max -br1 LTE-A Cat 6 router/Modem so I believe there is at least one NATs if not 2 going on -- I source another connection (still LTE-A) for my work that does not connect to a consumer level router, that is also a different carrier and can test again and see if there are the same amount of errors --- if there are its more than likely my connection then, will check settings on my PepLink and TP-Link to see if there is something untoward going on in the config there as well

    -- I live in BF nowhere about 6 miles out of a small town so LTE is the only viable internet connection out here .. Satellite is extremely expensive and latency does not allow me to connect to my work --- so will test that tomorrow -- I should have included a successful DL log file but mindlessly deleted the last one "Project Power" -- my next success I'll save the log file if that helps to compare against
  10. DarkQuark

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    I deal with a lot of cellular networks. And if I am telling you something you already know just ignore me.

    Two things that can help you in your situation:
    1) Check the max throughput of your cellular router. Often times these are IOT type low power devices that cannot move very much traffic (generally because they run a stateful firewall which eats up their low power cpu) So it could be bottlenecking you when your connection is capable of a bit more.
    2) Get a unidirectional antenna (like a yagi) and find out where your closest tower is and point right at it. This is more trouble than an omni-directional antenna but you will drag in significantly more signal which can easily improve the reliability and throughput of your connection.

    Again, if this is stuff you know I apologize. Just trying to help.
  11. Zoidberg

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    DarkQuark --- no problems what so ever its great information and very sound advice, and its always welcome to have people give info to help -- though I have them all covered :)

    The MAX BR1 MK2 is an Industrial Grade Cellular router with amazing CPU and RAM capabilities and not cheap mind you -- but when you live where I do and want to keep your job working for a global tech then you spend the money ... I did the whole hotspot devices, netgear and the like brand "high end" devices ... devices that claimed to be enterprise but turned out to be made from boards you can put at $1 a pop in china in bulk and put them in a shiny case --- 3 years of trial an error and this one is rock solid when it comes to that .. I have a cooperate premium plan too that has no caps or throttling -- that does not immune me from cell tower congestion though in peak times on specific bands -- am looking into a firmware upgrade to enable Carrier Aggregation that will help that situation automated so I don't have to manually switch bands when things get rough.

    As for the antenna system I have an omni and a directional high powered antenna -- direction pointing directly at the tower with the strongest signal (no line of sight so done via GPS and long/lat entries.. oh and some trial and error with a friend on the roof) -- all cabling is Wilson or the like with low loss ratings and only run a length I need to limit the DB loss -- 15 ft is the longest cable I have -- that the directional - the Omni is 4 Feet --- high quality SMA connectors etc etc ...

    As I am on cellular I expect loss of connection and bad performance and the outage or 2 --- its laughable sometimes when I see all my LTE perf drop right on 9am Sunday when everyone in this small town is stream church services ... then when I hear the sounds of the local firing range popping off the performance goes back up ... LOL --- they got let out of church :) -- of it a football (American) game starts or political debate or the like performance drops ... so definitely in this eye wide open :) I get many fail due to network issues and ... I usually retry a number of time before thinking it could be something else

    My issue here is it seams to be this one title that has never ending troubles -- last night I download 2 1080p movies from - they took all night but downloaded --- Django just seams to not want to finish -- some times perilously close to finishing -- 95% sometimes --- could be bad luck each time but wanted to bring it up incase there was an opportunity to find something to help the product

    Sorry for my long drawn out reply and again @DarkQuark I welcome your comments and no need to apologize at all its very much appreciated

  12. DarkQuark

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    You are most welcome. I work with cellular networks day in and day out so I thought i could be of help. It does sound like you have your bases covered. There is really only so much you can do to help yourself, at the end of the day it's all about the tower and what is going on with it.

    I will make these couple of last mentions in the event it is helpful. Most good routers/radios will allow you to band lock. So if you maybe find that you have a band that tends to be congested and ones that are not you might be able to include or exclude bands. This can be helpful in certain situations, however it does take away options.

    You mention having an omni and a directional. If those are both on the same radio using the diversity port that might cause some confusion on the radio selecting towers and causing it to tower hop which will cause drop outs. If that's not the case then please disregard but one of the advantages with just having the directional is stronger signal AND you essentially get to pick your tower. You would assume an omni would also pick the strongest signal but functionally this is not always the case especially if you have towers close to each other or that are equidistant.

    Finally, there are A LOT of tower upgrades right now going on due to 5G. Make sure you are running the latest cellular module firmware for your carrier. This is usually separate from the device software and is normally a separate process to upgrade. I have had a number of situations where newer firmware made a big difference in reliability.

    On the AS issues, I wish you luck. You have a good one.
  13. Zoidberg

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    @DarkQuark this is awesome -- you definitely have more experience and knowledge on the cell side of the fence than me -- I'm a jack of all trade tech, started as Windows95 Product Support tech with MS back in Australia ... fark thats a long time ago and how things have changed -- doing Datacenter Deployment right now so have to have enough knowledge of all devices to be dangerous :p -- (Compute, Network and Storage) -- firmware on the on the cellular module is a great tip and did not know that so thank you for that

    cheers again
  14. DarkQuark

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    You are welcome, I just hope it is helpful. I know being on LTE as a primary ISP can be rough sometimes.