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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by redsvt, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. redsvt

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    I just downloaded some Divx movies and the quality of the encoding was very good. The file size for each downloaded file was about 710 megs.

    What would be the best settings to use Clone to make Divx recording that are watchable on TV? what resolution should I set?

    I just purchased a Phillips DVD/Divx player and watched two movies on my 30" screen, and they were excellent.
  2. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    in output method,choose resolution 640x480 from the drop down menu.
    for video quality,adjust the slider until the estimated file size is around the same as your downloaded file.
    so if your good divx movie was,say,1 and a half hours in length and the file was 710MB then use that as a reference (or 237MB per half hour should give you a similar quality as your downloaded file).
  3. redsvt

    redsvt Active Member

    Spent most of the day trying to recreate a copy of ghost rider I downloaded. The divx I downloaded was only 701mb in size. When played on a regular TV, the quality is amazing. Now when I try various settings on Clone Mobile, I can get decent results, but the resulting file sizes are twice as much. I have tried trial versions of TMPGenc 4 express, quality so so, and the Divx converter. I am unable to replicate the quality. The orignial creator of the file goes by the handle aXXO, If anyone knows this individuals technique, please enlighten me. This is driving me nuts.

  4. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    try right-clicking on the downloaded divx file then select properties.
    then have a look at the values under 'summary'.it should give you details about video data rates and audio bit rates.
    if that doesnt work for your divx file,play it in divx player on your computer then right-click on the playing video and you should see an option for file information.there might be some useful details you could use.
  5. sej7278

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    i've tried to create a dvd rip many times using clonedvd mobile and it comes nowhere near the quality/size of the stuff that you download.

    i've seen 45min tv episodes that are 350mb and films that are 700mb, that make clonedvd mobile's 1gb/hour quality look pathetic, and mobile has a better input source!

    until we get two-pass encoding, mobile is going to be trailing things like auto gordian knot.

    frankly i think mobile is dead and a bit of a waste of money unless you're happy with tiny, naff quality movies - although i guess that's what its really for.....
  6. Gilso

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    I use mobile for backing up dvd's to my archos but I still can watch them on my 50 inch screen. Usually I set the resolution to 720 x, set the letterbox option to half and turn the quality down until about 1GB for a 90 min film and let rip.

    Works ok for me. All said and done the file sizes are a bit bigger than I hoped when originally buying this product and some optimisation on this would be welcome but I am happy overall with the ease of use and the results I am getting.